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Tutorial 3dsmax to BTB?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by schumpi, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Hallo track builders,

    Is there a tutorial 3dsmax (or 3Dsimed) to BTB?
    I'm a noob with 3d software, but like to built some objects to import in BTB.
    Maybe there are any examples?

    (sorry for bad English:embarrassed:)
  2. +1 :)
  3. im on holidays atm so ill have a shot a nocking up one
  4. I don't understand well if you are talking about BTB to Max export or building objects in Max.

    For the first case, you can export your track to RF, then open with 3dsimed and here export to 3ds (and import in Max or anything else...)

    In the second case...there are million of video tutorials or text tutorials in the net.
    Best (IMHO) are located at tutorialized , tutorial-experts and so on.... :wink2:
  5. It's for building objects in 3dmax or 3dsimed and then export to BTB.
    Thanks for the tutorial links:wink2:

    @philpiggott: yes, I'm a +1 noob
    But i think to find here the best info.
  6. Nice...you can use also Google Sketchup, it's a lot easier than max, but not for unwrapping.
    You can download tons of free objects from Google Sketchup Warehouse: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/

  7. Thanks for the great info!
    I'm surching objects like grandstands, pit-garages....but they are difficult to find I think.
  8. It's easier to build them directly.

    It's funny to build things in Google SketchUp.

    IMHO, It's better way to insert new objects in your BTB XPacks:

    - Build them in Sketchup using only colors instead of textures
    - Import them in 3DSimed, changing colors by materials includind specular, bump maps and so on (3dSimed is good for manage materials or even import from other tracks)
    - Save as 3DS in 3DSimed and import those in XPacker.

    From that, BTB is great for manage objects in your scenary.
  9. When you import a 3ds object in 3DSimed and change colors to it and then
    export it in 3ds format again - your color changes seems to be lost.?
    ( At least when it's re-imported in 3Dsimed again )..

    What's the procedure to keep the color changes to a 3ds object
    when exported in 3Dsimed.?

  10. Hi i wanted to ask about using Unwrap UVW in max. Im made a house and want to use house textures in one .dds file instead of using different .dds files for roof, walls and windows. How you do the mapping, i cant get hang of it? I tried everything i know but i can,t get seamless join between polys.
    No problems if i use separate texture for example for roof, i can by using Unwrap stretch and move polys how i want. Tried to copy as shown in tutorial but paste is grayed out so i cant paste.
    Any suggestions?
  11. To use copy/paste for the polys, first you need to have a single mesh. Have you attached all the polys in a single mesh?
    Then, for unwrapping, this is my bible: http://waylon-art.com/uvw_tutorial/uvwtut_01.html

  12. They are probably not attached to single mesh, how can i do that?:shame:
  13. I Will send you some pics this evening, I haven't here max with me :wink2:
  14. you need weld the Vertex of one object but make sure that you set less as possible dimension setting for the automatic weld function (0,01m)

    make sure, that you know the different between uvw-map modifier and uvw-unwrap-modifier.....
    great tutorial delu77, i wish i got that at my beginning :victory:

  15. Thanks, i will look into it:)
  16. Here I am again mate.
    First, look at how many meshes is composed your object. To do this, click onto "select by name" (right command, near the arrow command) (see 01-sel obj.jpg).
    Then convert you object to editable mesh and go to modifier (02-attach.jpg) and select "attach list". It will open a window (03-list.jpg) and select all and attach.

    I think Piddy is in rage with us, so next will continue by p.m. ok?

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  17. OK, I figured out to import a track object from rFactor into 3Dsimed.
    But may I upload a track on the internet with objects from other people?Don't you need a permission for this?
  18. If you use a X-Pack (free download) it should ok, but if you rip objects from other track you need permission. but in my opinion if you rip and make some bigger change, so nobody can recognition it, it should ok too.

  19. OK, I try to change some textures of objects, but I have problems..
    In BTB I see this as logo on the brighe: (this should be ok)

    And in GTR2 game I see this:


    What is here my problem please?