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turns 6-7 hungaroring

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by kimi_iceman85, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone.
    Any advices to take these corners properly?
    I don't know if it's a matter of setups, but for me, impossible to touch the kerbs without spinning or losing control.
    I'm using a sauber, career mode, first race with sauber ( and used career-multi setup proposed in the hungary setup thread)
    Never had this kind of problem with williams earlier in the career ( at least not that bad)

    It's really an issue, I set very good times in S1, generally better than every other cars, S3 is similar to AI, but I lose 1-2 seconds in S2 because of that...I have break hard, to be very slow in order to take the corners on the middle of the track.....I tried every single way to take these corners, if I touch the kerbs by a millimeter, the car ends in a wall. I even tried with full traction control, but same thing.
  2. If you touch kerb, you should keep your wheel straight and going 2nd gear. I try to avoid those kerbs and every time I managed that I get better lap then with going over them.
    When you brake for this corner you should see at one point you can turn and go straight between kerbs, then you can use full throttle and you get better exit speed. Hope this helps.:thumbsup:
  3. Thanks for your advice.

    I guess I have to practice, practice and practice like for every other circuit.

    I sometimes take it well, and set great lap times during practice/qualy.
    But repeating it lap after lap during a race, is still impossible for me in those turns. Never finished hungarian GP without pitting to change my front wing.