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turning in with g27

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Eckhart von Glan, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. hi guys, have just done a run of the new hillclimb in the bmw that is to be tested for free today. here's the glitch: with baseline settings (the ones provided by the game) i cannot do the hairpins because the wheel cannot turn around enough if you get the idea. i always end up going almost straight ebcause even if i have already given the wheel one full rotation, the virtual wheels in the game don't seem to follow suit. this is strange because the road track and the forrest worked nicely with these settings, so basically i see no need to change. is there any simple way to correct this behaviour? there is a g27 thread here, but it will take hours (which i won't waste on a lil' in-between game like this) to implement and i don't want to accidentally throw out settings that work fine, especially in other games.
  2. Peter

    who cares Premium Member

    I use 540°/18 wheellock and the virtual wheel also 540° without arms, works perfect in hairpins.

    Check if you have this in your controlset

    ''Steer Ratio Speed="0.0" // Speed at which low speed steering lock override ends (for pit navigation, units are meters/sec, 0.0 to''
  3. I have made this.

    Try an tell me how it feels.

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  4. Peter: which file are we talking about?
    @second post: where do these go?
  5. File goes in:
    C:\Users\%USER\Documents\My Games\SimBin\RaceRoom Racing Experience\UserData\ControlSet

    DSG is sequntial shifter and H is H-shifter.
    I made a screenshoot of settings for G27 in windows.

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  6. reducing a shorter gear helps also, i had this problem in a slow corner and solved it taking it in 1st gear instead of second

    also reduce steering lock in your g27 profiler would help, hillclimb drivers use high sensitivity in their wheels