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Turning angle on steering

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Joachim Vadseth, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Guess I'm not the only one whining about having to do a fourty point turn ni Monaco. Isn't the turning angle 360º in real life on a F1 car?
  2. if im not wrong its usually around 180
  3. It's definitely way less than 360, just because of the shape of the wheel. Anything over 140-ish (280 total) would be very awkward.

    Increase your steering ratio.
  4. From the in car footage I have seen, a slow corner at Monaco is about 180.
  5. How do you change the ratio?
  6. No idea, don't have the game, I just assumed it has something steering related :redface:
  7. in your profiler if you have degree set to 200 for instance.. then in game saturation is set 100% then you have 1:1 Steering ratio..