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Tuning request thread

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Andrew Skinner, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. this is similer to waynes livery thread, i spend most of my time on forza tuning the lower PI cars, if you guys would like some tunes please use the following template

    Track (Mandatory)
    Required Upgrades (i.e Race, Street etc)

    Unlike the designs these tunes may take a day or two to complete so i can nail the setup for the track, the price of tunes that i do will Vary depending on car PI and affinity level, i am prepared to sell Tunes unlocked hower you have to buy the locked tune first as an extra 10% will be added to the price for selling unlocked. you also need to post that you want it unlocked in this thread (or Pm Me)

    also feel free to PM me with what tunes you want
    also if people want to help tune cars please feel free to post in here
  2. How does the affinity affect the price?
  3. What he has to pay for parts!!
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  4. excatly what i was gonna say, at affinty 4 all parts are free but if i dont have a manufacter at lvl 4 then i have to pay for parts
  5. You could gift car to someone, they could fit EVERYTHING, then send it back. It's only the Forza aeros that cost after level 4 ..... I think. I'm more than willing to add all parts to a car if needed, especially cars that cost millions and Unicorns, you will get them back, honest! ;)