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Tunes, Guides and Requests

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Andrew Skinner, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. hey guys as you may see in the chat threat i posted two videos from Team VVV's channel on youtube which is their tuning guide for forza 4, I will Post all vids in here on one post (to save scrolling through the thread). the first couple of vids are mainly aimed at newbies to tuning but experts may find some stuff useful

    Part 1 Tyres

    Part 2 Suspension and Anti-roll Bars

    Comments below and how is it working for you guys
  2. I'll be looking at the suspension vid 2moz. The tyres vid could have been better, lets hope the new vids stand up.
  3. Not as good as 1st vid. Totally contradicted himself with his final tune!
  4. I haven't seen all the way through but what I did see was confusing. I've read a few guides now and some of the things he mentions are direct opposites of what all the other guides say.
  5. He needs a script. May know what he's doing as far as game is concerned but he just doesn't make much of it very clear. Car looked to handle worse after tuning?
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  6. Yeah, I thought that. He didn't sound like he had any idea what he was talking about when he got onto rebound and bump stiffness!
  7. The suspension vid shows as private.
  8. im now im aware of the private issue
  9. Gaz

    Steam: GazCBG

    Part 2 is up now:
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  10. Big improvement on the last two.
  11. enjoyed that, as somebody who really doesn't know much about car setup (but really wants too) it does help a little :)
  12. The stuff he says about camber has been quite useful to me since watching this video. If your camber goes into a positive number mid-corner, you should increase the negative camber in your setup.

    On longer tracks you can get away with less aero for a higher top speed, plus more power parts instead of handling parts.
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  13. Longer = straighter?
  14. Yeah. Road America, Road Atlanta, Hockenheim-ish etc...
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  15. New setup for Honda NSX-R GT A600 on my SF.

    Capable of down to Top 300, mostly around Top 500 on grip tracks. (Fujimi, Ladera, Test Track, Iberian etc)

    Can be used for the current Bounty Hunter @ Maple Valley (Autumn Fallout)

    Tis free for ya all! :D
  16. Just a curious bit of data gathering here. I don't use a wheel when racing on consoles (XBOX360 and PS3) but I do when racing on PC and am just curious how others go about braking.

    When racing in Forza 4 (or any other driving title for that matter) when braking what is your chosen method and whichever method you use, please give a few words to explain why.

    Quite simply, I'm a right foot braker as this is how I have applied the brake when driving a car in real life and this has carried over to my PC driving.
  17. Does anyone but something underneath the pedal to stop it from going as far down as possible to stop locking up? Just wondering...
  18. I've heard of people using squash balls.
  19. Parts of squash balls, bits of foam, roof rack cabling to restrict the pedal etc.
  20. I used to with my old MS pedals, but have no need with the load cell brake on my CSRe pedals. I can get really consistent braking with these and can brake right up to the threshold of locking up and use slight modulation when I do lock to release the wheels like in a real car. I love these pedals.

    To Daz's question, I do left foot braking in competition and (before the ACL function came out) I was doing left foot braking mixed in with heel and toe by swapping feet on the brake pedal with the pedal depressed. I read a book about driving techniques that said it was vital to learn this technique as right foot braking can cost you tenths in the braking zone as there's a gap from when you are on throttle to when you are on brakes. The author of the book made a point that any moment in time that you aren't braking or on the throttle is time wasted. Also if you are using your left foot to brake it's very effective to give quick tiny stabs of brake for a high speed corner that requires a slight amount of deceleration.
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