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Tuesday Championship - S7 - Main Info, Rules & Regulations

Discussion in 'PS4 | F1 2015 Tuesday Championship' started by SJM1337, Jul 11, 2015.

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    Thread and forum to be updated with more information shortly, including a sign-up and driver list, however we will not be able to start the championship until Codemasters release a patch for the multiplayer as it is bugged when racing opponents in a custom lobby.

    Welcome to the Race Department Tuesday Championship for the CM Formula 1 series
    The TC is a CM F1 series championship which was founded back during F1 2010 by Tom Michelmore and Sebastian Carrington. The championship was under the guise of PRL during S2 and S3 but officially moved under the RD roof for S4 and has been ever since. The TC did not run a F1 2014 championship but has returned for 2015 to run season 7 of the popular championship which has hosted some amazing races in the past with some really quick drivers and dedicated racers. We thrive upon fast, clean racing and respecting each other on and off track, as you can see by the name the league runs on a Tuesday and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

    Previous Champions:
    F1 2010 - S1: Daniel Ciglar
    F1 2011 - S2: Tom Michelmore
    F1 2011 - S3: Tom Michelmore
    F1 2012 - S4: Alistair Thompson
    F1 2013 - S5: Mikey Woolford
    F1 2013 - S6: Manuel Waibel

    Championship Organisers:
    Saif Mehmood
    Ashley Blakeley
    Jamie-Lee Mayers
    Slagiel Wardle


    Season 7: F1 2015 - 2015 Season - 19 Races following the official FIA Formula 1 World Championship Calender

    Race Date/Time: Tuesday - 8:30PM UK (TBC)
    Format: Short Qualifying - 50% Race Distance
    Weather: Dynamic
    Assists: Gears & Racing Line Only
    Collisions: Full
    Tyre Wear: On
    Fuel Usage: On
    Car Performance: Equal
    Parc Ferme: On

    Points System

    Points System: 1st - 25 - 2nd - 18 - 3rd - 15 - 4th - 12 - 5th - 10 - 6th - 8 - 7th - 6 - 8th - 4 - 9th 2 - 10th - 1

    - Drivers must complete 75% of race distance to be awarded full points.
    - If at the end of the season one or more drivers are tied on points, the championship will go to the driver with most wins, if this does not separate them it will go 2nd places, 3rd places, 4th places and so on and so on until a position separates them. This will be the same procedure for the teams championship.

    Racing Etiquette
    Cutting a corner by mistake is understandable as it happens to all of us sometimes, however, anyone seen excessively cutting a corner lap after lap for time benefit will be penalized. (Unless special dispensation is given for a specific corner at a specific track by the stewards)

    We expect drivers to show respect to each other when racing wheel to wheel, while we understand that collisions sometime happen in racing, there are times when drivers can prevent such incidents from happening, therefore we expect you NOT to:
    - Push drivers off the circuit
    - Constantly weave across the track when defending
    - Use other drivers to slow you down when braking

    Those who are found to commit these offences will be penalized by the stewards subject to a stewards report.

    If you have accidentally hit someone, you MUST slow down and allow them to go by or you will receive an automatic penalty subject to a stewards report.

    Lapped cars are obliged to the leaders through and should not unnecessarily hold them up or turn in on them, however, the leaders must also understand that it is sometimes hard for someone to let you go in the middle of a corner so mutual respect must be shown by both sets of drivers.

    Punishment from the stewards can vary depending upon the incident, but a number of punishments are available to them, including time added on to your race time, a drive-through penalty for the next race, a qualifying ban from the next race, DSQ from the race, or being banned from the next race.

    Disconnection Policy
    It is our general policy that if someone disconnects during qualifying, we will return for them after qualifying with a new lobby and the race will start under a 'safety car' with everyone lining up in grid order and the pole sitter being the effective pace car for a lap until racing begins on lap 2. However, if you disconnect more then once we will not be able to return for you. In the case of mass disconnections, the whole session may be restarted.

    Other Information:
    - Please do not start the race straight away after qualifying as some drivers may not be ready immediatly, please wait for the
    organizers to start it.

    - We advise you to immediately save a replay on PS4 if you are involved in an accident and you are in a position on the track to be able to go on to the share menu without losing significant time or blocking anyone as it could help the stewards in any reports made.
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