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Tue 04.02. 19:00 GMT Build 146 test

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Hi everyone,

    as a new build came out today and we need some feedback on the changes for it as soon as possible to continue planing for the upcoming season. We will organize a few short 5 lap races starting at 19:00 GMT on the current Winter Series track in Long Beach.

    This is not related to the Winter Series, and everyone is welcome to join.

    The Mod is available here: http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/winter-series-2013-mod-download.63216/
  2. I have a badminton match so cannot attend this!
  3. Couldn't see (feel) any differences from last build, the game is good to do FSR, but there are 3-4 things which have to improve, crash collision, tyre model and degradation, also tyre wear is not properly set-up in 3.5 mod, that bouncing when touch a bump is like too soft suspension and feels like you drive a truck and can't fix it with setup. If we use those tracks which we know already you have to remove and to clean all track from bumps like those on Sepang, because in F1 the track is smooth enough, but in the game there are too many bumps everywhere... So really don't know which game is better to use, don't know what ISI will change next 2 months and what FSR will prepare for mod, don't know when MarussiaF1 will release out, so we have many many questions and we all don't know when we will get their answers.
  4. I agree what you're talking about but personally i am not too keen to go back in rf after driving rf2. Yes it still has its flaws but i think its already better then rf and its getting constantly updated.
  5. Yes there are some flaws here and there
    But in all honesty it is time to upgrade
    RF 2 true beta but the BETA is alrdy more awesome then RF1

    Wet weather etc
    Anyways i don,t know what the mod builders think of it lol
    The problems we encounter with rf2 is same for everybody

    The league could be great
    But if we use RF1 also no problem
    Rather not cause RF2 really feels nice driving force feedback and graphics also!!!!

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  6. ISI has implemented tire degradation in the latest build, although it doesn't seem to work for all cars yet. However, in case FSR chooses to use rFactor2, it would be enabled for the FSR mod as well. One reason rFactor2 tracks might feel bumpy is that track builders have added real bumps to the surface. In rFactor most track surfaces were silky smooth and a fake-bump effect was added in form of a sine wave to make it feel bumpy. In reality this was not a real property of the road.
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  7. Yep. And this has also an impact in FFB quality.

    To visualize it better, that's what we had in most rF tracks (at least in FSR):

  8. I think FSR have to be look forward,one day we have to change game to rF2 .why not now ?
    Every game have bugs when its a beta and rf2 feels now better than rF1.Driving feels more realistic than rf1 and tracks and bump-s are more realistic.
    I don´t know how other drivers feels but i have no motivation to drive rF1 anymore.Why i have to play old game if we have new game and better.
  9. because we got rf1 to fall back on if the game is not near complete and the reason some drivers wont like rf2 is because of the cost to get it without trying it first
  10. RF2 is ready in my point of view.
    great FFB, great realroad ( maybe too faster from green to rubbered track ), weather condition also.
    Driving in Lime rock, i can say that it support now huge number of driver without problem ( where 20 drivers was enough to crash the game 6/8 months ago )
    Yes, the collision needs improvement. This is the default of this game atm.

    + :

    Tyre Physics
    Car Physics
    Server Stability ( my deconnection was caused by my wireless. Got new Alfa USB wifi... 98% signal strenght now... )

    - :

    Optimisation of Non-ISI track
    Collision multiplayer code
    HDR ( in the cockpit )
  11. Wireless? Really? So much facepalm.
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  12. You can try the game and if you don't like it they offer a 30 day refund.
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  13. That's usually how it works, you need to buy the game to play it. I think rf2 is pretty much must buy for any simracer anyways at some point.
  14. As Franz said you can try the game so that really is not an issue. I wasn't able to attend the races the other night but from the testing I've done and the races of this winter series I would say that rFactor 2 is good to go with regard to FSR as long as we can get enough tracks to do a decent season. I don't know what converting is like from rFactor 1 or tracks that are being released soon but if we can achieve a good batch of tracks that are Grand Prix standard for the season, I see no reason why we shouldn't move to rFactor 2.
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  15. then that wouldnt be fair as with rfactor 1 lets you try it before you need to buy it
  16. There is one fundamental problem with rFactor 2; it is not finished. That means that we can start a season with X mod and X physics, update the game after 2 rounds and have an un-usable mod.

    If so many people was bitching last year because of a track graphic update 1-2 days before a race, I don't want to imagine the reaction if your lovely setup doesn't work after 10 days of intense testing. Or if a game update changes certain parameters of the graphics engine and the track editors have to change a lot of things to make the track look ok again. The real road and the dynamic weather are still not finished as well (real road is overdone and weather isn't random).

    Lots of things can happen when a game is not gold, (rF2 is still in beta). I am the first one who wants to jump to a new game, but we can't ignore such elemental issues.

    And all of this is already ignoring how ugly the game looks, specially due to bad graphic performance, which forces most users to play with lower graphic settings in order to have steady framerates with large grids.
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  17. I have to say i'm impressed with rf2 but these bumps are really annoying to the point that hands start to hurt after an hour of driving. I also fear that wheel can brake or something like that.
  18. As a driver I only see the issues that Morand mentioned, the only significant being the collision model. I'm fully aware that aspect would require some sort of a solution if FSR decides to stick with rFactor2. Tracks from rFactor can now be imported with "relative" ease into rFactor2, so this is no issue longer.

    rFactor2 does get updated which might as David said break certain things and alter physics. That said, I have not seen anything significant break or change in a year of development (except a few graphical glitches). This is exactly the same issue we will face if we decide to commit with pCars, Assetto or iRacing, as long as they are evolving products (if you like to call it, I think iRacing is as much still officially in beta as is rFactor2). If we want to have a simulation that is not evolving in order to minimize possible changes during the season, then we might as well wait until 2016 when the work on the next generation of simulators have perhaps stopped.
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  19. Yeah my vote is for rfactor 2!!!!-)