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TT any more realistic?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Chris Rees, Sep 22, 2011.

  1. I have not got the game yet, am away on hoilday from tomorrow until the following saturday. Dont know whether to be happy or sad lol.

    In TT mode is the cars pace more realistic this year.. ie slower laps times with less grip? In 2010 i never done TT as it would fill you with a false sense of increased traction which would always cause me to overshoot braking points when playing career and online. IMO it was rubbish and added to its arcade attributes.

    Also... is there an option just to practice a circuit this year without going into a GP weekend with a load of AI?

    Ta muchly
    Chris aka Torg22
  2. Very good question. That's what I missed most in 2010. Needed to crash AI cars out to have a clean track all by myself :(
  3. Yup exactly. I used to run high fuel loads in P1 just to practice for online events. The AI used to catch me and be a right pain in the backside.
  4. Yes you can go into proving grounds - time trial and choose what track you want to practice.
  5. Yeah, but you probably can't practice with tyre + fuel sim and without AI.
    €dit: Maybe you can set up a Custom online/LAN event without other players or AI?
  6. ^^^ hehe we think alike!

    Time Trial was in 2010. Im talking about practice while being able to alter tyres and fuel. Im not talking about hotlapping and and putting up stupidly quick times.
  7. You can change your tires and fuel mix in Practice, but there is no way to have to track to yourself. That is true for real life, so...

    I've noticed in long weekends though, between 20-30 minutes in, almost every car will be in the pits.
  8. Sorry, Time Trial is even faster this year, at least comparing TT times to 2010. But the other game modes are faster too. I haven't compared time trial to online yet, but I imagine it's still relatively the same as 2010.

    I know it doesn't make sense, but I've found TT to be a pretty good way to practice, or at least to start practicing for a track, as different as it is. I think some people use the Wet TT to practice for online racing.
  9. TT is good to learn track... If you know it well, you dont need many laps to learn how to drive with simulations on.