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Misc TT alternative weather (weathers + ppfilter) 0.9

improved graphics

  1. Tomas Torasen submitted a new resource:

    Evening storm (weather + ppfilter) - improved graphics

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    Last edited: Oct 18, 2015
  2. I read your explanation there and I can tell you....
    ok, now it seems logical to me what have you done there.
    Anyway... your mod, you can do whatever you want, right? :)
    Keep up. :thumbsup:
  3. 2015-10-15_00009.jpg 2015-10-15_00010.jpg
    You have taken it to the next level, very impressive indeed.
  4. 2015-10-15_00012.jpg
    A vintage race at Suzuka is just superb in an evening storm.
  5. 2015-10-15_00014.jpg
    I'm going to have to start tweaking my custom weathers now, your tweaked ppfilter and my tweaked dusk at 17:30 makes Spa just come alive. Looks like a whole new game.
  6. Very nice screens, blackcelica! I have to try that combo! Do you run all graphic settings at max? I Think it looks even better in your screens, but might be because I'm at a work monitor checking right now.
    Keep tweaking!
  7. Just fantastic

    Thanks from roffe
  8. No, although I can run at max settings, you get a better result if you turn them down a bit. The screens are with your ppfilter but with the settings as follows:
    Overall effect quality = medium
    Glare quality = medium
    (You don't lose any effects compared to ultra but it does stop the sun and rays appearing through buildings at low sun hight times). Also:
    DOF = low
    Saturation = 85
    Motion blur = off
    Crepuscular rays = on
    Heat shim = off
    FXAA = off
    It took me a while to get my head around turning stuff down as I love to run stuff maxed out. Honestly it looks better turned down a bit, everything else is maxed out. I also run sweetfx but only to add a bit of sharpening, no other effect.
  9. Really? Very interesting! I will try your tracks and times and see if it will look the same later tonight when I get home.
  10. I looked at your pics a second time at home now, blackcelica. The second picture in the foilage it looks so sharp and detailed. Do you have additional sharpening somehow or higher res textures?
  11. Sweetfx for sharpening and I also edit the graphic.ini file in the systems\cfg folder, something LOD bias change to -1 for sharper image. Default is 0. I'm not at my pc at the moment so that might not be exactly right. It is definitely change to -1 though. I'll check in a bit.
  12. Second pic is from the nurb. Kunos one. My screen res is 1920x1080 if that helps
  13. Oh ok.. could you share how to get your sweetfx setup? It really seem to make a big difference.
  14. No problem. I'll send you a link to them. As for the rest of it, it is the graphics.ini file in system\cfg folder....it reads like this. The bold bit is the bit to change.

  15. Will try to remember to try this, lots of potential in this filter. There are so many effects that happen in the sky that AC currently does not support that I think people forget to remember how close your filter comes to reality, albeit using Kunos' less than appealing weather coding. Weather is, at least visually since rain is a no, is in its infancy in AC, I've seen some stormy weathers with a surprising amount of sun, not all the time, but sometimes yes. Kind of bridges the gap between true storm and a storm approaching IMHO.
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  16. 2015-10-16_00003.jpg
    Brands hatch, 17:30, evening storm just looks amazing.....
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  17. Tomas Torasen updated Evening storm (weather + ppfilter) with a new update entry:

    Total overhaul

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  18. 2015-10-16_00005.jpg
    California sunrise 8:00am at the ring. 2015-10-16_00007.jpg
    California Sunrise 8:00am silverstone
  19. 2015-10-16_00008.jpg
    This pic is at Spa with the new clouds, I think they are too whispy (thin) for a storm. 2015-10-16_00009.jpg
    This pic is back with my clouds, full and thick like storm clouds should be. I'm going to work on a mixture of the 2 as yours look amazing in different weathers.