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Trying to make it realistic

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Dylan Hember, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. I used to drive using a custom difficulty:

    Braking assits: off
    Dynamic racing line:off
    Pit limiter: Manual
    Pit Box Control: Manual
    Al Difficulty: Legend

    But this is too easy. In my career with force india (3rd season) i am winning alot of races. I dont want this to happen, i want to come around 8th or 10th. Around where me team comes.

    So recently ive changed TC to medium, and testing this at spa in the virgin i kept up with my team mate until i made a mistake then i was loosing about 1 or 2 seconds alap (i put it on 100% race length). I then chaged the Al difficulty to Pro but then i was too fast. I use an xbox controller. Have you got any tips for me making me finish around me team mate?

    If im a virgin i want to be fighting with the new teams. If i am a williams maye fighting to get into the points. Maybe if i was one of the top teams fighting for the win.
  2. If you are playing on the PC there are a number of mods out there to make the AI more competitive. The game out of the box from CM is not as competitive thanks to the AI taking some corners much slower than they should. If you are in the PS3 or XBox360, not sure what to say except slowly take some aids off.
  3. am using xbox 360 :( but could i but the installed game on a xbox usb, put it in my pc and change the coding just like the pc version?
  4. Can you change the tyre and fuel sims on xbox? Turn those on, they make it way harder; you might have to turn the AI down to Professional even because the tyre/fuel sim doesn't work as well without mods. Also, if you take ABS off or turn TCS off this will challenge you more (maybe too much since you're on a controller). I can't play without manual gears either so turn auto off if you are looking for it to be different (I wouldn't say it's harder without auto, just different). At least you are not racing with the line or auto brake :)

    Unfortunately the only way you can mod is by owning the PC version... sorry dude.
  5. trye.fuel sim are turned on, but maybe it would work better with mods :(. I am about to turn all aids now.

    When i move into my own house (i am 15) i am planning to buy a a really good pc and add on to it to add to my experience :)
  6. There are pros and cons to playing this game on the PC.

    Pros: access to tons of mods to customize the game to your liking.

    Cons: the game is less stable and crashes do happen (at least they happen on my PC).

    It took me 3 attempts last night to get my Turkish GP in. The game crashed on me early into to the race on my 1st attempt. Crashing sucks, but at least it happened only 10 laps into my 58 lap race. But the 2nd crash really bit the big one. I was 30 some odd laps into the race, my pit stop was behind me and I was running in 3rd place. I doubt I would have caught the race leaders, but a podium finish was going to happen as long as I drove clean with no major mistakes and [crash] the game freezes ... thank you very much ... please come again. I went away for an hour or so to let my blood pressure come down and am happy to report the 3rd attempt worked and I took 5th place. I only did about 98 laps of the 58 lap race to get my 10 points ... ROFLMAO
  7. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Try forcing dx9 in your hardwaresetting.xml file from false to true was having the same problem as you.
  8. Change <directx forcedx9="false" /> to <directx forcedx9="true" />?

    Okay I will give it a try.
  9. Thanks for the info, i got 10 grand in the bank, doubt ill have that much when i get my own house but how much does a good computer cost to be able to run say f1 2010 with good frames per second. ( i think its called that)
  10. 10k will get you one bad ass computer, but not much of a house (at least not where I live). Computers (while not as bad as a car) are poor depreciating assets. So just know that while they are good for entertainment, they become absolute rather fast. My computer is almost 3 years old now (it was state of the art when I picked it up). It does do the job for most applications I use. If anything I should think about picking up a new graphics card. But I don't want to spend the money right now. So I put up with the crashes and curse whenever they do occur. Maybe this "<directx forcedx9="true" />" will fix my problem? Maybe it won't. :d

    I'd say find some way to make your XBox360 F1 2010 game experience more challenging and worry about PCs some other day.
  11. Try a season with no TC on. When I went from medium TC (Hard) to none I was a lot slower in my first season (4th with Mercedes in the WDC with only 2 wins) but the 2nd season I won on Expert level with on the PS3 with standard controller.

    I found it was a lot harder, required a lot of concentration and time spending on the setups as a lot of posts with quick times just don't work well with no assists on a controller (maybe it's my driving style too). In the end, it was the most rewarding WDC I won as the easy levels seemed too easy.
  12. I would say that you could build a very capable PC for around $600-700.