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Trying again ;)

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Oops, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Hi all I thought Id give iracing a try again as I first joined right at the start, but left when my subscription was up because just couldn't get to grips with it, :( always kept an eye on it though, but I thought Id give it a try again mainly because of the great subscription deals atm, so anyway I have been trying it again ( I have limited time atm just started a new job that takes almost all my time ) and I'm finding it just as frustrating as I did the last time mainly because I cant get past my rating off rookie 2.53, I know its all about practice and I have been trying as Id love to get into some decent races :) I have been doing the time trails and just completed 8 clean laps on Lime rock park with mx5 cup but my rating hasn't changed :mad: am I doing something wrong?
    Any rant over :p any advice would be really appreciated.
    One other thing I'm using a fanatec GT2 and clubsport pedals has any one any settings (have all the gear but not very good with them :confused: )
  2. Not sure if you are doing anything wrong, but you may not have realised the way to increase your rating is to race clean and finish. It is more about avoiding incidents, finishing in a better position than your car number (if your number is 14, anything better 13-1, means you outperformed your expected ability).

    If you are getting caught up in racing people etc, you will find it hard to move your iR. iRacing attempts to make you focus on clean racing, treating your car as though it was something you have to pay to repair, rather than the 'anything is acceptable' type of racing you can get away with in other sims.
  3. Thanks for the reply Mark, I haven't done a lot of actual racing this time so I think Ill give it a go, :)
  4. In Rookie, don't worry about winning.

    Just have clean races.

    The goal is to advance, not win races.
  5. also keep in mind that your SR will not advance very much at all running quals and TT's. You have to run them for a long time to get as much as you would in a race.

    I also agree with the statements telling you not to worry about racing people in the rookie races when you are starting out. After a while you will be able to tell if someone in front of you is an unstable driver and at that point I prefer to play the waiting game for them to mess up instead of trying to pass them.
  6. I agree.

    Yesterday, after a week since iracing subscription, I managed to get out of rookie class by scoring three 1 incident races.
    In one of them I let a car oventake me without fighting position in last lap because I see it was coming on fire.
    Don't think even for a second in your position, try to drive clean, times and results will improve as your safety rating will do.

  7. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen
    aReDeeeLeMeS Staff Member

    Yep, getting a license is soemthing you can do in a couple of hours if you want. It's all about beign aware of your vicinity. Who are you racing? How do they behave? What can you do to stay out of trouble? Just race, but keep your mind of the SR, not the iRating.
  8. iracing can be frustrating at times since the average user is a teenager who's account is paid for by their parents. The maturity level of the racing and in their community can be quite pathetic at times. I now understand why quite a few folks from the netkar community have only spent short stints with iracing.
  9. When I first started @ iRacing, it was running mainly the Solstice on road courses (as was well before MX-5 came to be) and I would often start a race from the pits and then circulate from the back and do my utmost to keep it clean. This was mainly to avoid the 'Turn 1 Heroes' who would often wreck your race and your SR too, lol.

    Even from the pits, within a few corners you would have caught up the rear runners and could then race with them, whilst trying not to get carried away and keeping it as incident free as possible. It seemed in no time, the Rookie badge was history and the D plate was all mine, lol.

    Could I suggest running some Spectator sessions, where you can mix it in a real race, but not be seen by any of the actual racers and it will help you get a feel for the racing environment (whilst not hurting your SR).

    Stick with it Danny, you'll be glad you did.

  10. If you can't get your irating up to 3500+ the racing sucks. Guys just crash into you because they don't like you passing them. Mustang race I was in yesterday was the worst I've ever seen in any organised sim racing. It was like a open server Race 07 race. I was crashed into by two different donkeys two different times. One as I was passing him and the second one after I passed him and he then rammed me off the road. Brutal!!!
  11. I have been on iRacing since the first part of November and I have had no trouble with other drivers. It seems to me that people get a little impatient and run out of talent and then want to blame things on somebody else. If you take the time to learn how to race again you'll have a much better time of it.
    Just my .02
  12. So you got some problems in T1... it happens... Brake by steps, once just to show your braking lights and the second time to really brake, dont defend like madman on T1 and you should be just fine..
    I tend to be a bit rough in the mustang @ LRP and usually end up with negative SR at the end of my race... But I never damage other's nor my car...
    I just get a few 4x...
    That's how mustangs are driven on such a tight course... can't really help it...

    Sometimes it ends up like that :)
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  13. Jamie, it looks like you had a decent race in the one you showed. Congratulations, no incidents and a good finish on a tough track. I was referring to my own experiences and others just starting out.

    Nice job Flavien!!!
  14. wonderful!!!