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Try My Track!!! - Tuggeranong Town Centre

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by dosgraphix, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. Hello all,

    I have been working on my track now for about 5 months and it is at a stage of almost being complete.

    This is a fantasy street circuit track based in my hometown and has crowned roads so you will need to feather the throttle in and out of corners. (in particular in the first three corners). I have gone for accuracy on the buildings, but hoping it doesn't effect the FPS too much. I have an excellent graphics card, so for me it has been good.

    I need people to test my track for me and let me know there thoughts and problems.

    Still needed to be done: Working Start Lights, Fix Flickers on distance signs, Fix AIW (particularly Turn 3 -where they are cheating and cutting the corner), Modify Camera's: These i hope will be done by the end of the week.

    My track can only race 24 cars as I don't have enough garages in my pit complex.

    Any feedback is appreciated (hopefully not too many negative one's)

    Got to rfactorcentral to download :
    http://www.rfactorcentral.com/detail.cfm?ID=Tuggeranong Town Centre

    Watch Video:
  2. nice job.
    I just think the textures of tarmac will be better. but cool track.
    I will test soon.
  3. One thing, you have a lot of duplicate textures in there which are using a few mb that isn't really needed. Also pack the files up into a mas file.


    Its common practice to put all the objects into (insert track name).mas and materials into (insert track name)_maps.mas which reduces the size of the tracks. Like a zip file but specifically from gMotor games.

    Just remember to keep the aiw, gbd, load screen, scn file etc seperate.
  4. Thanks,

    Bigcarva: I do agree about the tarmac textures. I am planning on making my own textures. Maybe for version 2. But for now i wanted to get it out there!
    Thanks for the feedback

    Sam Moss: Thanks for the heads up. As this is my first track i didn't want to muck around to much with the files after they were exported from btb. I will download the Mas explorer and play with it to see what i can do. I might even send you a PM if i get stuck, if that's alright.
  5. I've given you my mob number dosgraphix, happy to assist here if it's easier for you..
  6. I liked to drive on it, remember me a bit Surfers Paradise design.

    Nice work!

    I havent see any bugs in few laps. I only suggest to use as flat textures you can instead of 3d objects. Per example, there's more triangles in Restaurant Outdoor Stand than in building itself.

    Keep up!

  7. I was going for a bit more accuracy with the buildings, however for text in the future i will not be doing the way I did. Thanks for that great advise!
  8. So last night i fixed the AIW, Added start lights, modified the camera's and also fixed the metre distance signs.

    Tonight i will play with the MAS file's to try and get the file size down and also try and minimize the amount of duplicate textures used.

    I will at some point release a version 2.
    This will include:
    Better Road Textures
    New Pit Complex with more car spaces, at least 30 cars
    Night Racing
    Better Textures for the crowd
    Remove 3D text from building to minimize poly's (thanks Satangos)

    I have had a lot of fun doing this track and I am glad that some other people will get some joy out of racing on it. I have learnt a lot and there is still plenty of room for improvement.

    I will post another link by the weekend with the final updated version 1.

    Thanks for all your feedback!
  9. Now with working start lights and slightly better AI.

    This is my release V1,

    I will work on reducing the file size later using the MAS utility.

    Updated links in first thread.
  10. Damn fine track for sure..:)

    ...Improvement suggestion..
    Perhaps replace the heavy road walls with some
    light street fences with purpose of better view
    to all the great looking objects you have placed..
    ( Will strengthen the street track look as well ).:)

  11. great track... a lot of self work inside... great!

    i think you need some drity walls and adverts, to look more realistic, all the circuit is clean like a new car, i think you need some dirty textures.

    great work!