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Misc TrueLightsUltra V3 1.1

TrueLightsUltra V3 Ppfilter

  1. Last edited: Mar 14, 2016
  2. This is just Wagnum's filter with a slight change to exposure setting.
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  3. blackcelica The Guardian of Graphics mods. Well spotted !
  4. Guardian of graphics. I like that, made me laugh.
    FIXED_WIDTH=1 ; this resolution is the one used for the effects, if set to 0 takes the actual res, if set to a number let's say 1280, uses a small buffer for the effects, helps on performance

    Doesn't this turns off the effects?
    Should be set to zero (maximum quality) or 1280, 1600, etc.
    Should be something reasonable though… Right now i think it's just like playing without pp effects…