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Misc True to Life AI 1.6.2

Notably improves the competition between Player and AI

  1. snthennumbers submitted a new resource:

    True to Life AI - Corrects numerous issues and notably improves the standard 2013 game

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  2. realitychecked


    Oh yes! Thanks a lot, mate! Amazing work, fantastic, brilliant! :inlove:
  3. is vettel miles better than everyone else in the Asia
    races ;)
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  4. hi, the IA is more fast then original, or is same the original but only more aggressive??
  5. Wait what, I thought you weren't doing 2013... Awesome! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Let me know if you want any help testing stuff with future updates and that, I'd be happy to help.
  6. I think it is only fair to give credit to winner who was the first with the top teams option mod with ydt. Btw, he gave credits to Ryder for his mods.
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  7. nopeeeeeeee. and that's the shame :D i thougt the AI would be very fast now but noooooooo :(. 50% Race with Lotus in Career Melbourne easy win with 54 sek gap to shittel -.-

    This game make's no fun with slow ai's and online are only shitty driver or they will crash u into the first corner.

    @ Mod creater. Can u make the AI faster 2 Sec in Quali and race please?

    The Rest of this mod is great :)!

    btw:The AI was on a 3 Stop. Me only 2 :/
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  8. Very good, thank you very much! ;)
  9. Thanks snthennumbers for bring your work to 2013, I will be using this all day. I have only 1 concern: Lowered the penalty system's sensitivity towards collisions. I think the penalty system in 2013 is too forgiving, maybe you should make it higher instead .
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  10. This is why I posted numerous times in the modding requests and WIP threads...but no one seemed to want to respond to me with any information. I've been working off of what I see and feel while playing the game. At this point I really need some feedback from people on what they see and feel in the game so I can tailor this mod to everyone's liking.

    For the record, here's my setup:
    SimRaceway SRW-S1 wheel
    Legend Difficulty
    No Assists
    Manual Gearbox
    Driving Ferrari in Career mode
    ***I wouldn't call myself a perfect driver, but I'm definitely on the track more than off of it***
    The game feels very competitive for me so far (especially after adjusting the corners and braking points).

    So, with that being said - I need to know who agrees with Ray's statements please.
    The tyre wear for me is very aggressive. The 2 vs 3 stop strategy could be due to Lotus's lower tyre wear rates, but I didn't think the disparity between Ferrari's and Lotus's tyre wear I coded was that big.

    My Career race at Melbourne I started 5th and finished 2nd. Sepang I qualified 1st (somehow got a penalty and dropped to 11th), finished in 9th.
    Any quick races I've done have been very competitive as well. I've yet to run away with a race like Ray.

    So guys, please provide some feedback on the mod and give your opinion on how competitive the AI is. When (and if) you post, it would also be good to know what setup and assists you're using.
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  11. HI, was waiting for ur this mod from u. thanks alot for making this happen. Good job brahh
  12. Hi , I did India gp with your mod I like too much . I play like you with level legend without help 100% race with Mercedes ( grand prix mod ) the safety car is go out with low speed very good , race restart like real and the tires don t slide too much . I just did 1 race but at first view the mod seem to be well balance The IA break more late and be more clever too . it s a first time with f1 2013 than I took so much pleasure . I finished 7 . I wil give you more infos later
    best regard and very good job
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  13. I forget to say that I ve just patch 1 I don t like patch 2 bcs too more grip and IA less speed in gp india and barhain
  14. id agree with you there, i find the AI very competitive and sometimes struggle to keep up, so I'd say they are fast enough in that regard already. Also you mentioned in the overview that you'd "Corrected AI qualifying times during time acceleration across all tracks", how different are the times now (i admit i sound lazy not just seeing for myself)
  15. Yeah...this is going to be interesting as CM patches the game. When I did my 2012 mod they weren't releasing anymore patches...we'll have to see where this goes lol. I'll do my best to keep on top of it though
  16. It's tough to say because I myself didn't have time to test all tracks. I focused on the tracks that caused issues in 2012 and found the trend continued more or less the same in 2013. I had also heard a few posters around the 2013 forums saying the AI was consistently about 1 second too slow in qualifying, so I sped up the qualifying times under time acceleration by roughly 1 second for most tracks. Some tracks had to be fiddled with more though. Spa I actually had to slow them down (same as 2012).
    Check the database > track_model table > hard_dry_lap_time_adjustment column...negative numbers make the AI faster; positive = slower.
  17. Yeah, i kinda liked the qualy times as they were, but then im not that good. I just dont imagine myself going a second faster anytime soon
  18. I did with your mod 1,26,309 india gp with Mercedes 100% race without help level Legend . position 6
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  19. Sorry to say this but im having problems downloading this mod. after a few minutes the download just stops