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Misc True To Life AI 1.0

Realistic AI Mod Tfor all cars/classics

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  1. AI enhance mod ?? More aggressive & faster or something ?? Only work for Legend Difficulty ??
  2. Boooo....name rip off :p
  3. yes for legend ai making it more True T Life making a lot more Challenging ,,,
    I Only changed Legend as there already is 3 other Levels,,,,
    In which that if you can not beet standard Levels then you do not need the Extra Realism of this Mod,,,,
    I Raced earlier With this Mod and beat Vettel by 2 Seconds over 50% but I was using another Mod as well reducing the Traction Level,,,,,,,,,,;)
  4. This Mod is True T Life AI ,,,,,,,,,,This is the Name,,,,,,,,,,
    I Could Have Called it Ultimate AI Mod or Season but did not Sound the Same,,,,,,,,I can Change if you Wish m8,,,,,,,,,,:thumbsup:
  5. I like if this mod make Legend AI go faster but i dont know if i like them to go more aggressive because the current AI level are already too aggressive that never afraid to make contact in many crazy way :whistling:
  6. Any competitive braking mod?
  7. working on it....

    will need feedback after first release though
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  8. I think this year the AI is enough competitive except for the braking point
  9. Hard to say, some guys still capable to make into Q3 vs Legend AI driving just Marussia in the very first season in Melbourne :coffee:
  10. There is a mod for 2012 with same name, you may want to change the name of the mod, its missleading people.
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  11. really appreciate it that already the work on ai mods begin. One question to hill. Do you plan to adjust the braking points for ai only for racing line or can it be adjusted beside racing line too. because I recognized that ai is braking much more early when they are not on racing line.
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  12. Why ? This is 2013 not 2012 !
    Should everyone changed the name of their mods, because anyone else use the same name in 2012 ?

    Guys come back to earth !
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  13. Just name it "True to Life AI 2013 Mod" then everything should be fine :thumbsup:
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  14. There is only really one way to adjust the braking point itself. The behaviour of the ai off the racing line is more to do with the ai files I believe. I have tweaked these and getting good results I think.

    Please correct me if I am wrong about the braking values though
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  15. :cry:While we are on the subject, PLEASE make a patch(don't know who also has this problem?) that the AI don't brake too late... Like in: Malaysia,China,Bahrain,Spain,Monaco,Canada,Hungaroring,Suzuka. They run off the track and make the race borring! In Monaco(after the tunnel) the cars all miss the next corner's braking point, crash or DSQ and I'm the only one left! PLEASE I BEG YOU!:cry::cry:
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  16. Sounds great. When do you think is your mod ready for deployment. Cant wait to get a revised ai behaviour :)
  17. No no the behavior of AI going off the track when you change the braking point is due to the fact that they can't stop their car enough for the turn-in point. The only way to fix this is to give the AI cars more braking power by modding the 'brake torque' value in the CTF files. In other words, give them better brakes in order to be able to cope with shorter braking points. I'd say increase brake torque from 3150 to 4000 should be more than enough.
  18. I Named This Mod True T Life AI All Cars/Classics,,,,,,,,,,,
    The only part that is the Same is "True To Life",,,
    I Was going to just add it to my Ultimate Realism mod anyway and did not make any video for this Mod so apart from sharing my work which I am getting nothing back in return apart from to please you Guys,,,,
    This Guy does not own the Copyright to the Word "True to Life"
    I said that I will change the name if he wants it makes no difference to me at all call it " AI Mod" for all I care,,,,,,
    But I will just ask for it to be taken down as There is not 2 Mods with the same name in 2013,,
    It takes 5 minutes to Change the Difficulty so why has this guy not done this mod for this game after it has been out 2 weeks now,,,,,,,,,;)
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