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Discussion in 'Racer' started by exoticcar2009, Apr 3, 2010.

  1. Is there any trucks for release? Like any F-150's, Ram's or Silverado's? Is there any 2007 and above? It would be great for Racer :)
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Our F150 has went into hiding for the time being, since Cobra has also gone into hiding ;)

    I have seen quite a few other different trucks around though..
  3. Is there a link to that 2009 F-150? I need the Non-CG version with the latest updated F150
  4. I downloaded that one a long time ago, that's not even the released version. That's the 1st beta test version released. It dosen't have anything to it. Do you have the latest one with non-cg?
  5. soon we will have silverado HD 2500 crew cab to drive in racer.
  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I'm afraid not exoticcar :/
  7. There's a Benz Unimog and a Jeep Comanche, neither are new though, but both are pretty good.
  8. You know I've forgotten completely about my Comanche until you said that lol, it is a good off roading vehicle really, as I recall. :cool:
  9. Hiya,
    There is a great deal of trucks out for Racer. skybh did that Renault cab, I am almost done my F-150....I also have the 2010 one-but she needs work. MBW13 did a Toyota FJ40, there's a 2500 pickup-an '86 GMC, and the "Jimmy" version. MBW13 also did a big delivery truck, I forgot the make and model-lol! There is also the 1976 (really a 1972) Ford F-1000 (and an auto v8) truck. I was also doing a Comanche-but did not release as harey got his done first-lol! I also have the 2008 GMC Sierra, and Grave Digger (its a truck-a Monster Truck-still is a truck-:tongue:).
    I know there are "millions" of trucks out there but my coffee hasn't kicked in yet-lol!
  10. lol your Comache probably was better really, I look at that thing now, and don't think it looks that great, though now I have a Cherokee, 4.0l auto, much better off road lol. But I also have an 08 F-350 Super Duty (might release it, thinking I'll update it to the 2011 Super Duty first though, have to change the wheels anyways, they are from an Edge lol) and an 08 Ranger Sport. Neither of those two are really bad off road, but there are better, and released ones lol.
  11. @harey, I'll take one of each, the 08 Ranger, and the 08 F-350- please (with fries and a medium soft drink-lol!) And if you update the F-350, I'll take one of those too, in black-:D

  12. ill have what he is having XD
  13. Me too :D
  14. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Plus an extra.... me!
  15. I guess harey's got a "back order" and he didn't even start production-lol!:cool:

    No pressure....lol! We love Ford Trucks....everybody-lol!
  16. Yeah really, massive back ordering lol
  17. I know, lol!
    the pressures of the Racer drivers demands and the artist who build /convert beauties for this wonderful sim!
    Almost sounds like a movie, to follow a Racer book- "The .ini's I've known and Tweaked"-lol!

    Just like the "big dogs" Aston Martin, Jaguar....:cool:
  18. I had a thought....maybe I should finish my 2005 Ford F-150.....lol!:)

    Anyone wish to test my partially worked over beta when she is ready?
  19. Yes please. I remember that one.. it was a bit "wobbly" I think.. but I liked it.
    Trucks are fun when driving up the Rockys :)