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Truck testing video at Kansas

Discussion in 'ARCA Sim Racing' started by Bram, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. Bram

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  2. Thanks Bram!

    A bit of history to the video. Scott Stenzel is a driver making his first attempt into the Nascar Camping World Truck Series at Kansas in a few short weeks. Needing some soft media for promotional use for them at the track and driver cards, he wanted to also get as much experience as he could to give him the best advantage for this opportunity. Not seen in the video is an incredibly talented driver who was able to quickly move his experience into the simulation and skillfully utilize many of the most important facets unique to the CWTS and manipulate these to his tendencies.

    We wish him the very best outcome in the event and look forward to working with him each step of the way learning and applying what we can to the product making it better each and every day. Scott is one of many drivers seeing what we can do in simulation and exactly what the benefits are that were looking for as we strive for the most realistic and entertaining computer stock car simulation posisble.
  3. couple years past on this thread lol.....but on topic i just downloaded arca sim......fantastic sim..... highly recommend to anyone who likes stock car racing.....i've been driving the trucks all day today and what a blast......can't believe i missed this when it was originally released.....big thanks to Roger C. at Sim Factory for helping me get going with the download and some great truck and car setups.....great to know a lot of the racing leagues are still going strong......mean while gonna practice a bit offline then jump in to online races soon.......cheers.......Jeff P.....;-)
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  4. Bram

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    Has that X Patch ever been released?

    This game had indeed so much potential but over night we have stopped receiving any information about it which is a shame.
  5. no x patch yet.........but if you have arca sim racing already....... i think you can ask to be put on there project x dev server with the trucks .....apply from their forum.......when i was having trouble with download (arca sim racing) one of the guys also helped me with the project x dev server too.......love to see Sim Factory do a stock car add on for rFactor 2.........same game engine...who knows.......;-)
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  6. Bram

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    Some communication from TSF would be nice. Was really looking forward to this X Patch but after several years its still no there and most of us gave up I think