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Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Onno Naber, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. Hi All

    got my RBR DVD in today but run into trouble,the DVD is from Sold out Software and the DVD is not installing
    ,I go to the first screen push the button install game and after that nothing,the disk is spinning but nothing happens,I have already done a couple off attempts in compatibility mode but nothing happens,anybody got into the same here and knows a solution to this problem


  2. DVD not scratched or dirty? DVD drive reading other media normally?

    If all else fails, try creating an image of it, and then run it from Daemon Tools or something.
  3. Hi Senad no the DVD is brand new and the drive is OK,I am not an computer expert but I know it has to be something with my windows 7 64 bit and the older DVD system,as soon as I fiend a solution I will post it up here

    Thanks for your fast response


  4. I have the same DVD, it's the only distributor I guess, and the same operating system, and it always worked fine.

    Do other DVDs work?

    Have you tried running Setup.exe directly from Explorer, if it exists?
  5. yep I run setup and she is running now stil have to install the rest (mods) will go ahead with that tomorrow

    Thanks m8