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Trojan in Content Manager?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by pete82, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. pete82


    My Kaspersky says there is PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic in Content Manager. It's false?
  2. After_Midnight


    Same reports here when I'm trying to create previews :cautious:
  3. aphidgod


    It's been well-discussed in the CM thread @ the official forum. False positives happen with the software sometimes. (My Norton has never said a thing about it but it seems like a lot of people using Kaspersky get the alarm.)
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  4. Jempy


    I'm still using Norton ... but not for long any more ( after +- 20 years Symantec use )
    And that's surely the same problem with Kaspersky and some other security suites. ... it seems they cannot make a difference between a real Trojan Gen8 ( Name in Norton ) and some processes present in some softwares.

    The only solution is ... report it as false positive ... and each time I did ( 3 times ) ... it was well a false positive.

    This problem happened with Rfactor2 - Automobilista - Fanaleds ( some other had even problems with MSI tools ).
    But the problem is never finally settled ... a new update always recreated the same problem ( even if the concerned .exe files were excluded from analysis ).

    I understand it's a safety modus operandi ... but it seems ridiculous they didn't find yet a system to make a difference between the real Trojan and a false positive: this problem touches too many software editors who surely have no interest to include Trojans in their softwares ... they are clever enough to avoid such a mistake !
    It's time to make a difference between prudence and paranoia ( the style: it looks like but as safety professionals we're not clever enough to find the difference !!! :( ).
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