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Mods TripleScreen Cockpit Cams v1.0 2015-08-08

Head & dash cams tweaked for a better feel using multiple screens

  1. MoodyB

    Premium Member

    MoodyB submitted a new resource:

    TripleScreen Cockpit Cams v1.0 - Head & dash cams tweaked for a better feel using multiple screens

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  2. The best FOV mod for triplescreen!
    But as for me, height of eye comera is too high. Can you make one more version with eye cam about 5cm lower?
    Thank you for your work!
  3. MoodyB

    Premium Member

    You're welcome :)

    I haven't edited the original camera heights, only the forward / backward positions & the overall fovs.
    Unfortunately I won't be editing the camera height as I don't have the time just now. Sorry :redface:

    You could try and edit it yourself by following MrPix's Dirt Rally cam guide here :


    You only need to edit 2 files to change the height for all cockpit cameras.

    Just remember to make a backup of the 2 files before you start.
  4. Thank you for advice, I will try:)
  5. Will you update it? or must I do myself?
  6. MoodyB

    Premium Member

    I'll update it tomorrow to include the 3 new cars.
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  7. :inlove: