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Triple screens, race settings

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by stabizisback, Nov 27, 2013.

  1. So, with multiplayer eventually coming I started doing some tests to get the performance that allows for (a lot of) other cars on track, and to my surprise AC looks pretty good at lowish settings.

    It took me quite a while to get the balance right in iRacing, since you need to render each screen seperately to avoid it looking weird, and adding bells and whistles on top of that can strangle a really strong computer with lots of cars on track, particularly on tracks like Spa.

    In AC on the other hand, I cant get render each screen seperately to work, it reboots my computer(!), but since I didnt get that cured within 15 minutes, I tried the one big screen triple screen solution, and after some bezel corrections in the driver it looks pretty nice! So nice in fact, that I dont care about render each screen seperately anymore, as that kills performance anyway.

    My first test was with quite low settings, except world detail on maximum (no good reason, just forgot to turn it down), most other things on low. Some AA because jaggies makes puppies die.

    That left me with around 220-250 fps in 5760x1080 (the actual resolution is a little bit lower due to bezel correction) and made me high five myself. :) I was worried about how it would run with other cars on track, but if the percentage loss is similar to iRacing, or a bit higher, its all good!

    PS: This is not me bragging about hardware, its relief that the coding - even at this point - will actually make it possible to race with big grids and triple screens, and that it surprisingly looks pretty damn good while doing so at reduced settings. To continue the iRacing comparison, iRacing looks sweet at high settings, but it looks like a turd with medium and lower settings. Pretty impressed by this in AC.
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  2. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    Great to know. What's your system specs? I've got mine running with rendering each screen separately and got my frame's locked at 60 fps everything maxed and af at 8x and aa at 4x. Only issues I'm having is when you hit grass off track (I suck so I do that a lot) my fps tanks.
  3. i7 3770k @4.2, 16GB ddr3 and GTX Titan.

    Does the fps drop even if you dont see the dustclouds? Or maybe the mirrors are causing it?

    Anyway, you better turn some stuff off for racing. Imagine 20 other cars kicking up dust, etc. :) But as I said, it was pleasantly surprising to see that it still looks good in "triple race mode". I will probably add some more AA and AF to have it hovering around 200, that should allow for 100+ with other cars on track. And still, even with a midrange computer triples should be possible with reduced settings, without it looking like DX7.
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  4. I'm going to give this some testing tonight, with my settings on

    16 AF
    Medium shadows
    World high
    2 faces per frame
    Low cube map
    8 AA
    6 Fxaa

    I was getting around 90 on triples with 3570k at 4.6, 8gb ram, gtx780.

    To me that's way too low, especially when other cars are added.
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  5. Try setting world to max, af to 4, aa to 4, low shadows, disable hdr, medium cube maps and 2 faces per frame. Thats what i used.

    Looks like this:

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  6. jimortality


    What is faces per frame?
  7. As far as I know its the complexity of the cube maps, or reflections.
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  8. Not had time to check yet, but if I disable HDR does it get rid of any of the nice lighting effects?
  9. Yes, although you`ll notice the difference more in tv cam. Its a massive fps gain though.
  10. OK just tested this and I can get around 230fps with no HDR or 190 with, I think will go with as i love the effects. Hopefully that will be plenty of overhead for the MP and AI races, I dont see much if any difference between the settings being max or to how you have suggested to set them yet massive difference in FPS.
  11. Sorry to hijack this thread: I am shopping during Black Friday, how well do you guys believe I should be able to run AC using a FX6300 CPU and a R7790 VGA?
  12. Not too sure, from what I can tell Nvidia seems to run better, but that's my opinion from reading the forums.
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  13. It seems that way now, but will probably be fixed by AMD.

    The FX6300 seems to like overclocking, and if you do that it probably matches the i5 3570. The 7790 is midrange, so that will be holding you back. But it will run AC at medium settings I think. (dont take my word for it)
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  14. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    Wow been away for a while. Sorry for the super late reply. I don't even see the dust clouds and it tanks. It's a bug because when it happens my gpu usage doesn't spike it lowers about 30%, from low 70s to low 40s. I could only get one sli profile to work so it could be related to that. The game looks so gorgeous on just about every setting. Especially for those coming from rfactor.