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Triple screen worth it?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by David B, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. I am debating whether to splash out and have 3x 24" monitors or should I stay with my one 32" screen.

    Is triple screen that much better?

    I play Assetto corsa, Iracing, stock car extreme on P.C but I also play on my xbox one which can only be one screen.

    Also is my graphics card meaty enough for triple screens? I have an Amd 7950 3gb, I am not looking to get ultra settings, but on lowish settings get a minimum of 30+ fps or even 60 fps.

    I'd like to know people's experience and advice on the matter, thanks.
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  2. PaulH


    I've been pondering this question myself for the last few weeks, been looking at a 34" monitor or going for 3 24" monitors.
    1 monitor -
    or 3 of these
    So will be interested in advice too :thumbsup:
  3. Brendan Little

    Brendan Little

    Love my triple screen setup, wouldn't be able to go back now for anything, sim racing, flight sims, hell even supreme commander is better with the triple screens. Gives you so much more immersion in the game then you would normally on all sim style games. I just upgraded my setup to 27' screens from a company called IIyama after a recommendation from a friend at EA games who says they all use them and they have been brilliant so far (came from 24' Samsung syncmasters moved to my office). Once you get them you'll never go back. As for PC spec, I do run AC on a low setting but due to the fact I only have 2x GTX660 SLi'd and an I5 but even on this spec I get 70-80FPS but I prefer smoothness over looks. Will take a picture tonight so you can see them all setup.
    Link to monitors

    Note: Girl not included.
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  4. Richard Hessels

    Richard Hessels

    Yes totally! You will never want back to single screen... feels like driving with only half an eye.
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  5. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer


    Getting them setup FOV wise can take a bit of patience as most sims deal with this in a slightly differing way but once you hit that sweet spot there is no going back.

    I run my triples on an AMD R9 280x which give or take is pretty close to your card and I run roughly medium settings on most sims and get 80 - 100 FPS most of the time with low 70s when the grid is busy.

  6. have triples for half a year now
    lots of troubles with nvidea drivers but now everything has beensorted out
    and i love it
    cars are better to control cause you start noticing them breaking out earlier
  7. I have gone out and got triples 24" screens:)
    Thank you all for the push I needed to get it:)
    I don't have all the cables to connect them yet but early next week I should be trying it out:)
    Here is a pic of my setup "sorry the picture is a bit blurry Triple.jpg

    Had to get my gt omega seat in there too:p
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  8. One 34" 21-9 wide screen monitor for me. Its all you need.
  9. PaulH


    That's what I'm favouring, as I do like to play other games too, and I have one of those Edtrackers on order so 1 screen may be best, gonna see how it is with my 24" screen first:geek:
  10. One good wide screen is good enough and much better than using 3 screens for normal computing.
    Besides, when the consumer version of Occulus Rift comes out, 3 screens will be a thing of the past. :laugh::thumbsup:
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  11. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    Well done mate and that setup looks great.

    I have also found that having the extra real estate three screens gives makes sorting out paint schemes for our pitlanes.com team a lot easier as I can have the car to paint on one screen and then the graphics and pictures open in the others.

  12. Triples are awesome but I can't get my wife to accept my request to go triples.
  13. woz9us


    You don't mess about David, bought and set up already - what we like to see :thumbsup:.

    Looking really good, I am using a single 42" solution and struggle to get that immersive feel; let us know how you go setting the POV up, etc.

    As a side note - I notice you're using a wheel stand pro there, how have you mounted the shifter?
  14. I Built a shifter stand from my desk. It is two bits of wood bolted through my desk I made up and then covered with carbon fibre vinyl.
  15. JeanYves Samson

    JeanYves Samson

    Wath is the best one choice for 24 inchs... ( Asus, Avoc, Samsung .... ) Thanks !
  16. Hey Hey Jean, it all depends on the space you have and how deep your pockets are.

    I for example swapped to 3 x Asus VG248 144hz monitors as they had them on offer (£230 each).

    For Sim-Racing I only use either 120hz or 144hz screens as they are a lot smoother and I get next to none input lag that I came across on 60hz screens.

    Some people say you can't tell a difference, but trust me when I say you can to a point.

    I swear by Asus, used them for years now and never had a complaint with any of their screens.
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  17. William Wester

    William Wester

    I only play racing sims, but once you go to triple screens it if VERY hard to race without - much too restricting with a single screen. There is nothing like being able to see other cars along side out of the corner of you eye. Also, with a single screen it is impossible to see both of your side mirrors - without some type of face tracking.
    I have tried large single screens (1080p to 2560x1440), large single wide screens (3440x1440), trackir, etc. and I could find anything to give me the same immersion and FOV/POV as triples.
    I haven't tried an Occulus but with someone that needs glasses it doesn't work so well - maybe that will change once the retail version hits and is perfected.
    Triples are costly and take up quite a bit of room but I can't race without. I also used to run triples when I was on the consoles (3 flat panels, 3 Xboxes) - Forza was great with triples. PC only now for the most part, rarely race on my XOne.
    Intel i7@4ghz, 16gb ram, GTX 980 OC, 5800x1080 on 3 27" screens
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  18. JeanYves Samson

    JeanYves Samson

    Thanks Spinx!
  19. WIN_20141011_192829.jpg WIN_20141012_210153.jpg WIN_20141012_210153.jpg

    My setup. 3x Samsung 40 inch LED TV's. Works great for racing games.

    Can usually hit 60 FPS with high settings using a single GTX780ti.

    Me racing on one of the free tracks in Raceroom experience. Love this game now and since this video, I've bought most of the circuits and have become a lot better at the sim.
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