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triple screen support sucks

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by koikeeper67, May 7, 2015.

  1. Is it just me? well actually I know it is not as I know of others that have the same issue. the image looks stretched the center screen is ok it is on the side screens it is is real bad on the right hand screen. I have tried all kinds of different FOV settings and get the same results. driving the Radical you can see some of the padding on the roll bar in the right screen but it is cut off not to mention it is way out of proportion.
  2. Currently rendering each screen separately is not supported. It is planned to be added later.
  3. That sure would be nice, but I would think after 4 years of development it would already be here
  4. I certainly hope so, I just bought something I find not really enjoyable to play due to the fisheye effect on triples, makes me motion sick.
    I didn't buy raceroom because of their lack of triples support and won't either until it has but I was assuming that pcars would have had this in place, I guess I assumed wrong.
    Is this an official developer promise?


    Not wanting to be unreasonable here as the other options when it comes to configuration parameters on a PC deserve a big thumbs up but yeah this is going to be collecting digital dust until triples are supported properly which is real shame.
  5. I used to be a WMD member and they have been saying support will be added for a long time. I got a refund over 18 months ago for this very reason.
  6. well that really dose not sound good I guess we better learn to live with it or plunk it on a storage drive and forget about it and wave good by to $60
  7. The render lead had posted about a month ago saying it was still planned, but the priority was making sure everything was ready for release. The work that needs to be continued for DK2 support within the same changes needed for rendering the screens individually and he mentioned it would be coming shortly after the retail release.

    Granted, it's not here now so that doesn't mean it will come but let's give them the benefit of the doubt. ;)
  8. All we can do is hope. heck it is still a fun drive once you get past the little problems.
  9. Its garbage ... I played the first race on the career section and immediately switch it off .. it was like racing on LCD .. switched the motion blur off and it helped somewhat but this is a very very disappointing title
  10. Man give it some time you cant just switch off one thing and expect it to fix everything. I took me a while to get it looking right. I also noticed that some of the tracks are better then others.
  11. But its a full game .. this is after what ? 2 years of early release beta testing ... and 3 screens are not supported properly ? ... they should release a video explaining how to tweak the FFB for the various wheels because out of the box this thing does not drive well at all and making some basic standard tweaks on my G27 which usually work with most titles makes very littled difference ... I was expecting a finished product ... this does not feel finished .... However ... I do relise I am hating on it somewhat and probally should give it some time ...apologies
  12. It is hard to believe that after all of the delays and time to develop this game, the Devs intentionally released this product with no "real" triple screen support.

    Unfortunately, I did not know this prior to buying. Steam really needs to offer a 3 or 5 day refund policy for games that do not offer demos.
  13. I think every one was expecting some triple screen love on a game that took so long to develop and had a few delays. I dont thank anyone thought to ask because it is just a given in this day and age that a Sim title will have proper and full triple screen support.
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  14. Problem is that this day and age, VR is all the rage. We are a bunch of crazies with too many monitors at our desks, apparently.

    I've seen at various places about the Internet that they do plan on doing separate screen rendering for triple screen (like AC has) at some point after release, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Apparently this game is shockingly immersive with a Rift DK2, however. :rolleyes:
  15. Actually, it was asked on this very forum by a member and I did answer it wasn't currently implemented:

  16. Can someone please help me. I'm running triple screens with a resolution of 5940x1080 with bezel correction. I used the project immersion web site to set up my fov and it feels correct...but I can't seem to get the cockpit cam to feel "real". Especially when I'm using the karts...in the cockpit cam and the helmet cam, I'm basically getting a bumper cam and can't actually see the kart itself. I've tried adjusting my seat all the way back but it doesn't help. If I left anything out ill do my best to answer. Any help is much appreciated
  17. pCars, triple screens = awesomeness.
  18. Out of curiosity, what FOV did you select? When I did the tool, the FOV it picked for me was not what I currently use (and I wasn't very happy with it so I went back to my setting). I'm using 103 (with a little smaller resolution than yours).

    What I use is Helmet Cam and I typically move the seat options down and forward from the default. For open wheelers, when your steering wheel goes 90 degrees, the hand should be almost blocking your forward view if you want to have a similar view as the pros.

    For the Helmet Cam settings, here's what I used:

    Camera Shake -> On
    Look to Apex settings -> All default

    G-Force -> 40
    World Movement -> 80

    Helmet Depth of Field -> Off
  19. I have 3 27" screens and it recommends having the fov at 121. I don't know if I need to go with a narrower fov or wider. I still would like to be able to keep a sense of speed
  20. Try 110 and then go up from there using the in-game adjustment keys (by default, they are '[' and ']' if you haven't changed them).