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triple screen question?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by rizzee, Dec 16, 2014.

  1. hi guys im going to go for triple screens and i need to know something...so i already have one monitor the benq gl2450 and i want to buy one more of these...now for the third monitor i want to buy the benq gl2460 because it has thinner bezzels it also has same reponse time etc and is 24inch but is it?...so is it ok to do this or will my screen be off because of the thinner bezzels?when i set this up i put the outside monitors slightly behind the middle one so i cant see those bezzels at all so im only going to see the middle screen bezzels but will screen be off?
  2. HUM24H

    Godspeed Premium

    Hi Rizzee,

    There are a few subtle differences between the GL2450 & GL2460; The first is the GL2460 consumes less power than the GL2450, secondly the GL2460 has a few more display presets and finally the GL2460 is built under the latest TCO Regulation. But these are very minor differences to be honest, the only other issue maybe that because they are different models Nvidia/AMD may not like it and sometimes running different model monitors in surround gaming may not work but I could be wrong here. The slimmer bezel will mean that once you line up the screen, you may notice the top and bottom bezels look a little shorter than the ones on the GL2450.

    So really it could work but its just the different model numbers, if that doesnt cause an issue then you are perfectly fine.
  3. ok thanks for detailed reply...it sounds to me im better off just getting the same ones then and putting up with the larger bezel.
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  4. HUM24H

    Godspeed Premium

    Yeah I would say that is best, just to avoid any problems or annoyances in the future.
  5. cheers..... ive just read your review on tx wheel i have t300rs on order at the minute it was 230 pound but after reading you review i might cancel it now...i dont like the fact that reliability could be an issue and might just stick to g25.
  6. HUM24H

    Godspeed Premium

    Yeah I mean I personally would hold off, just because of the issues ive had and not only me but there are quite a few others out there. But there are people who have had success with their TX/T300 but at the same when spending that much money I don't see why it should be a gamble, you should be able to buy it and have it work.
  7. yea cheers pal im gonna cancel right now...lol still those triple screens just became cheaper.
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  8. i have 1 more question i have a fourth monitor that i use but as i only have 3 outputs on my pc will this be possible if i buy some kind of converter so that i can use my big tv as my 4th monitor?
  9. i bought three identical screens just to be sure
    can't complain bout them
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  10. HUM24H

    Godspeed Premium

    You could try USB to HDMI adapter which I think should allow you to add that 4th Monitor. I have never tried splitting my display connections on the back but I don't think doing that would work. Try looking into USB to HDMI and see if it works for you.
  11. sorry for late reply, with any triple monitor setups, it's already reccomended getting the same momnitors, that way nothing is out of proportion and much more easier to work with in the AMD or Nvidia control panel, not doing this will result in some annoyances in on game or another.
  12. Simply buy a second video card and connect the 4th monitor to the second video card. Yes this is possible. What are you intending to do with the 4th monitor?
  13. When you setup your monitors place bezels of your right and left monitors behind the main center monitor. This way you are only seeing one bezel on either side of your main center monitor and not two.
  14. its all good all i needed was a display port cable..my gpu supports 4 monitors out of the box which i did not realize.
  15. cheers for tip m8 but i kinda said about putting the side monitor behind the middle one in my original post.