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Triple Screen or Single Screen setting

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Brian C Hayes, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Whilst checking out some peoples times on RSRtiming, I noticed the top guy had his 3 screen set up with triple switched off. I went back into my settings and switched to a single screen running 5700 or something like that x 1080 ... straigh away I noticed a greater sense of speed, but perhaps everything seems smaller ... can anyone explain what the difference is and which setting is best?

    Many Thanks
  2. Most likely once you go the the track you did not select the right hand option
    to set the Field of View to match your the size of the image wanted. Look at "outboard settings option" after your on track. This shows FOV and you can swap back and from from Triple screen to Single and see the difference and adjust to what you want. Or before you start go to the Options menu, Video, and select View. FOV is shown at the top of this panel. Mine is gray so I guess you can not set the value here for triple screen but have to do thin on track but if you go back to the single screen setting you can then come to the View window and set FOV. My distance is about 30in and screen width is about 23 and height is 13. I set H FOV is set at 43 deg.
    There is also a Triple Screen settings option that you might try adjusting the screen width and distance. I like to set the graphics option to show the simulated steering wheel and then match the size of it to the size of my actual wheel.
    FOV is set based on the distance to your screen and the size of the screen. Yes different FOV will make the speeds look different but they track speed is really the same.
    Some people use the height (V FOV) and some the width (H FOV). You might find this pdf helpful.
    I think why some people might turn triples off is to get higher FPS rates and/or avoid stutters when they are trying to set WR times.

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  3. Thanks Rick,
    Yeah I have used all them but I am just wondering what the consensus is, I know a read in a another post that guy also mentioned a greater sense of speed in single screen, wondering what everybodys pref is. I notice you also see more details of the car, infact everything seems to be a little crisper ..... wondering if you lose some fidelity in movement
  4. Its all personal. Some guys like to put the monitor really close (like 20 in from eyes) and get the outer edge of the triples so they have 180deg of view but remember you eyes only really have high acuity in a small area. Bye the way, 20in distance makes me a bit motion sick so I push them back to 28in or so. I think you will just have to test this at the extremes an find what you like. Try 20" with the correct FOV setting to match and then try 35".
    Be sure to change your triple monitor to center monitor angle as you change the distances. (angle decreases as monitor is moved closer to your eyes to keep the center of the sides about the same distance as the center monitor).

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  5. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    Indeed...the single display mode on triple screen is giving more fps..around 10 more fps...
  6. Chris James

    Chris James

    I use triple screens as one screen to gain FPS. I line the monitors up so that they are all in-line, which gives a non-distorted view. If you have them wrapping around as you would normally, the angles are off.
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  7. Yes if you dont have enough graphics performance, the single screen does help alot with getting FPS up, but I can get 230fps average FRAPS numbers ( in triple,10 cars on track) which is plenty and I like the wrap around feeling. With single screen FPS I get > 300 for me but I dont need it and dont like having to put the screens parallel to each other and adjusting my FOV value to match my triple look.