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Cameras Triple screen FOV cameras 1.0

F1 2013 cars only

  1. Mick Martin submitted a new resource:

    Triple screen FOV cameras - F1 2013 cars only

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  2. Super , thank you
  3. Thank you Mick. just what I was looking for.
  4. Mick
    I didnt realize how much a camera view could make but, when i switched to your view i shaved an average of 3 to 5 secs of my times. Just one thing with your view im using a fanatec CSW and a Rseat formula rig so im down behind the wheel i cant see the wheel on the screen i really could use the HUD is it in the making a view with the HUD
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  5. No, sorry there will be no updates for this as it was done out of preference, I only upload for other to make use of it.
  6. I backed up the original files, and replaced them with your files, but now the game want run. Crashes on start up.