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Cameras Triple Screen Close Cameras 1.1

closer cockpit cams for triple screen users, also works in single screen

  1. David Chardar submitted a new resource:

    red's triple screen close cams 1.0 - closer cams for triple screen users

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  3. naa


    Ah you're my hero. Been saying I won't play this game until someone mods the camera.
    Now all that is missing is the bottom-right info display and I'm happy :)
  4. I'm using Triple screen too, but i didn't change the camera position, but the fov to 30°
  5. This should be a simple mod, let me see what I can do
  6. Maybe not that simple because the info hud would be directly in conflict with the right mirror I think... Would be great if it would be possible to add the info hud because drs activation is no longer in the view of the driver which is hard for the driver to decide if he can use DRS in race or not... Info hud would help very much!
  7. Can you include classic cars?
  8. The hud still appears in the center screen, and the way the view is set up mirrors are on the left and right screen, so no interference ;)
  9. I need to figure out first which file corresponds to which car, this will probably be done next.
  10. I think in alot of the cars the view is zoomed in a little too much. but I really like the height of the cams, if you just zoomed them out a touch they would be perfect. The RebBull is the only one that is really perfect out of the box, i modified the Lotus myself and it is amazing, but somehow I couldn't apply the same change on the mercedes? Is there a tool to help modify these files?
  11. Figured it out, just realized the files are in binaryXml, quick search for binxml will find a converter. Once it's in text xml it's super easy to modify. The numbers I changed for lotus weren't there on the mercs binary xml as the Z number had become zero and it's converted differently :p