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Triple monitors: 24" vs. 27"

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Bob Luneski, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. Have been getting ready to move to a 3 monitor setup by building a new i5-2500K system and getting a Triple monitor mount for my Obutto cockpit. Now, I'm ready to buy the monitors and am debating between getting 24" or 27" monitors for the rig. The resolution is the same 1920x1080. I've seen several comments around including one from the Obutto designer that 27" is too big for as close as they are mounted (even though he just changed the mount design to accommodate monitors up to 30")

  2. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    27 @ 1080 will look more pixely, too. I run a single 27 at the mo, but when I got tri-monitor I am going for 24's.
  3. Spot on Alex, 27" really is big tbh, I use 3x 17" 4:3 monitors and thats plenty of real-estate view wise :) So 24's will be overkill as is! The further away the screen is the bigger the screen you need
  4. I have 24's and they are enough I think... and cheaper too. : )
  5. 3x22" here and its plenty.
  6. I use three ASUS 23.6" (24") 1080 monitors with my Obutto and they work great. The probm with the 27" on the Obutto is that the default mounts are not set up for anything larger then 24" triples with the Obutto that I have.
  7. Thanks all!
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