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Triple 1440p GTX 1080 SLI?

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by RowanH, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Alright so aim for the stars...

    I have a had a very rapid descent into sim racing while my real machine has been in the workshop, the empty space in the garage being perfect for a sim rig. In 4 months gone from a Mac only household to pretty solid OSW setup, with a WIP MDF rig. (saving coins from 8020 to go into display hardware).

    Now the attention is slowly turning back to visuals, there's one lonely little GTX1080 in the PC, and I'm already running one 1440p screen which is getting around 110-130fps. So I thought well I should add 2 more screens and another GTX1080 and we should be in business. However apparently I need to polish up on my google-fu as I'm finding limited info on people running this setup.

    If you are could I ask what sort of frame rates are you getting? Can you run all max detail settings and get solid frame rates, what CPU are you running at the same time (as I'm assuming it's getting into CPU bound territory as well).

    Many thanks in advance..

  2. I know its not quite the same but I'm running a single GTX 1070 with a decent CPU and 12 Gb RAM on 3x 27" 1080 monitors with max settings and average 100 FPS, so think its fair to say you won't have any problems
  3. Multi-GPU setups will get you lots of peak fps, typically +90%. The dirty, seldom-mentioned secret of multi-GPU setups is that the slow moments will be about the same as a single GPU, maybe +10%. So beware of any reviews which only show you peak fps or average fps!

    Your satisfaction will depend on what your target fps is and whether you intend to use a post processing filter. Are you looking for flicker-free 60 Hz, 90 Hz, 120 Hz, or 144 Hz?

    My single GTX 1080 with triple 1080p monitors runs in the 100-120 fps range most of the time with a single car, no post processing, all other settings maxed. Perfectly good for 60 Hz refresh, maybe borderline with 90 Hz refresh if post processing is turned on and a full grid is present.

    Though I haven't looked, pretty certain you'll still be GPU bound with triple monitors. I have a 3.7 GHz i7 & 8 GB RAM.
  4. Thanks guys. I've found a few benchmark results of other games which surprisingly weren't showing a massive performance increase in GTX1080 in SLI for 3x1440p's; so I'm really interested in actual results on AC of this setup.

    Ideally going from 1xGTX1080 1x1440p to 2xGTX1080 3x1440p I'm not going to drop overall frame rate by a huge amount. (theoretically should be around 80-90fps with current detail levels - no post processing filters). In which case I'd start putting the pennies away for the full monty setup; otherwise I'd just pull the trigger now on a triple 1080p display.

  5. The Stig™

    The Stig™
    Some say his heart beat is measured in RPM Premium

    Have you tried VR yet? I used to run triples and ever since I got my CV1 I have never used my monitors for sim racing again. I have a lowly 980TI and I can run a rock solid 90fps no problem. Getting another GTX 1080 and two 1440p monitors will likely cost well more than twice a VR setup.
  6. Just a comparison point. I'm running triple 1080's with a 1080GTX card and on AC i get around 70-90FPS with everything maxed out.
  7. Thanks - haven't tried VR yet, will do before I pull the trigger just got to plan for an afternoon/evening of being motion sick, terribly susceptible to it - so while I suspect VR would be awesome I'm going to probably last 2 mins...