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Triangle Shadows Pointing Upwards into the Air from Track Surface

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by DiamondLogic, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. Hi all.. I'm building a track in BTB and it looks OK in BTB, but went I drive it in rFactor on parts of the track you can see triangle shadows pointing upwards into the air from the track surface, that looks like should be flat track surface shadows..

    this is not the problem that you get with figure 8 tracks, I think its the triangle shapes that make up the track doing something that they shouldn't...
  2. Can you get a screenshot?
  3. The screenshots below shows the problem I'm getting..
    if you can see the shadows that are pointing upwards from the track surface..

    I think it could be due to the terrain level changes..

    Triangle Shadows Pointing Upwards - 001.jpg Triangle Shadows Pointing Upwards - 002.jpg
  4. Never seen that before.
    You just exported it out of btb and didn't do any post editing?
    Got any custom shaders installed from other tracks/mods?
  5. If you have two (or more) tracks in your BTB file, you can generate that effect (or something similar). I know I went through that grief because I was using a grid of Google Earth KMLs as guidelines for the terrain and they'd show up as mystical shadows at regular spots when driving.

    Something like turning off render instead of just making them invisible was the trick... sorry, but it's been way too many months since I had that happen.
  6. Yes I've just exported it out of BTB, I haven't got any custom shaders installed (I don't know how to do that).. the only post editing I've done is to the .AIW file as the track crosses over itself, but it's not near that area of the track..

    it's only a single track layout without any Google maps attached, so nothing to turn off..

    I was hoping that just as you can edit the .aiw file to relocate the ai driving line on figure 8 tracks, you could also find a way to control the track shadows..