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Transfering skins from V8Factor 1.30 to Unleashed 1.1

Discussion in 'Team ORSM' started by Dr.McCoy, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Is it possible?
  2. I've been working on this myself. I converted a lot of the 03' and 04' skins (the ones from DPainter and others) to V8Factor Unleashed. I also changed the Commodores for those years to the VY model and make a few slight tweaks to a few skins. Working through them. A bit time consuming but can certainly be done. Basically you'll have to add the alpha channel for the unleashed mod to the old skin. Something interesting I noticed is that the ****livery.dds file is now for the windows (it used to be for the main paint scheme). The base dds file now has this. I've been redoing the windows to the new style, and had to do a new upgrade file for each team. You'll also have to do new wheel files (the ****rims.dds replace the old wheelts and wheelfs files). Driver suits and helmets are also different. Hope this helps.
  3. It's very possible to convert the old skins however the new Unleashed skins have been recompressed to dds using our new body and window templates with completely different shading layers and levels to the older 1.30 ones. The 1.30 skins look terrible as just straight conversions which is why we've rebuilt them from the ground up.
  4. Hooray! That is good news, Gavin. Look forward to the add-ons. Will it come in a pack of i.e 2004-2009 in one go or year by year? Love to see seasons 2004-2007 mostly. Hehe. Cheers! :D
  5. Yeah, I've put all my 2003 liveries on the new templates and built up the 2003 season. Some of those cars are from my earlier work and are quite sub-standard now. I've rebuild the SBR cars and are going to go through the lot of them over time. Whether it gets out to you guy's I don't know. There was some cars that still ran the AU and VT right through that year. I've started them around mid year when most were the BA and VY.

    The trouble with using the released DDS files is when you add the alpha and save them again to DDS, The DDS compression is doubled. This makes them loose clarity so a hi-res skin looks low-res. If you start with low-res like what was in the original 06 release they would look even worse.
  6. Thanks, Doug! :)

    Hope to see the 2003 season as well. Pray hard it will get out to the public. Cheers!