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Transfer the results of the qualification for the race.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Andrey Korotkov, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. I am from Russia. Sorry for my English))
    I want to hold the race in 2 days. On Saturday, qualifications, and Sunday race. (WTCC) Due to the fact that last long.
    How can I transfer the results of qualification from Saturday to Sunday's race?
    Thank you.
  2. Welcome to the forum.

    When you've done qualifying, click 'continue', takes you to the start grid with the menu on, then 'leave championship'.

    Next time you load up the championship, you will be taken to the race start, with qualifying results intact.

    I dont believe this works for normal one-off race events though. You have to do a championship.

  3. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    And it certainly doesnt work for a dedicated server :)
  4. If it's for an online race there are two ways, both of which require a lot of co-operation from your drivers and are easy with voice comms.

    1.) Prior to your race session run a qualy session in order to rig the grid. The best way is to get all drivers lined up prior to a timed lap in the desired grid order and travel around the timed lap at a steady pace as a procession. As each driver crosses the line to set a time, they call it out and the driver behind makes sure he goes over slightly slower. Takes about ten minutes and requires that your drivers don't mess about, cut track or otherwise compromise their time. Provided everyone knows what they have to do and use something like XD or other telemetry for the timing, comms is not essential to this process.

    2.) Slightly easier way but dependant upon communication is to have the drivers connect in grid order. Once done, switch to warm up and the grid should be as you require. Again it can take around 10 minutes to get this all sorted and everyone in, in the right order.

    There is no way to carry times over from a previous session ran during another "race weekend". By "race weekend" I mean the actual game sequence of Practice 1&2, Qualifying, Warm-up, Race 1 and Race 2.

    Excuse my lack of Russian, it only goes as far as Vodka.
  5. There is better way setting up the grid by getting DQ at qualy in correct order, admin write name of driver at chat and he goes wrong way from pits, when he gets penalty admin calls next driver

    It's harder to mess up something in my option :wink:
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Welcome in 2010 :thumbup:
  7. Yes that does seem an easier way. I hadn't thought about DQing, I thought that meant you couldn't race. I stand corrected, and thanks, it's useful to know that.
  8. Thank you all for having responded!
    I will try all the proposed methods.
    Nothing, I understand you))
  9. ONe step futrher, why not just have everyone grid ASAP then have them ESC out to DQ in order you need? Again you'l need communication but I think it now eliminates driving backwards............