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Tracks TRANSFAGARASAN / DN7C / (Romania) 0.8


  1. AC TRAXX submitted a new resource:


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  2. Looks awesome! :)

    Does it have physical FFB road mesh to feel the tarmac in FFB wheels?
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  3. Yes, variable high resolution road mesh which means that the bumps change from lower to higher.
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  4. Awesome thank you for making and sharing! :thumbsup::inlove:
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  5. Great stuff!
    Road mesh is spot on for me :) Grip seems fine, 0.98 seems sensible

    Issue with LODs here kills immersion a bit:

    3d grass seems to have lots of issues like this, ive disabled it for now:
    perhaps you could add some 2d mountain texture in the horizon to cover up this nasty issue kunos introduced in 1.8?
    perhaps the baked in clouds could put put in a separate kn5 so they could be disabled if desired, i guess they probably dont look good in some weather conditions e.g. light fog

    suggest the tags are changed to:
    "tags" : ["A2B","Hillclimb","Romania"],

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  6. gs2004

    Premium Member

    Superb experience. Only gripe is uphill race seems broken. Maybe just me...
  7. great improvement over the previous version: Ive just gone for a drive along the track and I love the textures, 3d spectators, and new trees. One thing I miss is the ai for uphill race: hope you guys will reintroduce it soon.
    thank you for all your work!
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  8. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley
    Premium Member

    Thanks for working on this Track...I have been a huge fan since Giobaka did his version for rF1, also had a gravel version, found a version for rF2 and already have a version for AC installed...but your version has gone to a whole new level of detail, absolutely fantastic work and will be really looking forward to more updates until the final version...keep up the great work.
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  9. The AI cars start out of the pits in practice/qualify at uphill track, but then never drive faster than 60 km/h. Race does not work at all, because start places are in "nirvana".
    Downhill even more worse. AI is stack on top at each other in the pits and is jumping around like mad. Start for race downhill also in "nirvana".
    So no useable AI at all...:(

    sections.ini is a copy of Nürburgring ...
    Last edited: Nov 4, 2016
  10. Guys, you make some really awesome, high quality tracks, and this is no exception but what's with the excessive branding all over the track?
    The way it's just copy-pasted all over it's really ugly and somewhat ruins the experience of an otherwise amazing track which seems very unnecessary. It would be great to have more realistic billboards and banners, or at least with a more variety and no huge billboards that wouldn't be there in the real world (They certainly weren't as annoying in the 0.5 version of this map). Or is this just like that for the beta and something you planned on changing upon the 1.0 release anyways?
  11. The guys don't plan on releasing a 1.0 anytime soon. Their 'beta' program brings in paying customers, so they won't change that. Even if it's called donation, it's payware in the end.