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Tracks TRANSFAGARASAN / DN7C / (Romania) 0.8


  1. AC TRAXX submitted a new resource:


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  2. Looks awesome! :)

    Does it have physical FFB road mesh to feel the tarmac in FFB wheels?
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  3. Yes, variable high resolution road mesh which means that the bumps change from lower to higher.
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  4. Awesome thank you for making and sharing! :thumbsup::inlove:
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  5. Great stuff!
    Road mesh is spot on for me :) Grip seems fine, 0.98 seems sensible

    Issue with LODs here kills immersion a bit:

    3d grass seems to have lots of issues like this, ive disabled it for now:
    perhaps you could add some 2d mountain texture in the horizon to cover up this nasty issue kunos introduced in 1.8?
    perhaps the baked in clouds could put put in a separate kn5 so they could be disabled if desired, i guess they probably dont look good in some weather conditions e.g. light fog

    suggest the tags are changed to:
    "tags" : ["A2B","Hillclimb","Romania"],

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  6. gs2004


    Superb experience. Only gripe is uphill race seems broken. Maybe just me...
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  7. great improvement over the previous version: Ive just gone for a drive along the track and I love the textures, 3d spectators, and new trees. One thing I miss is the ai for uphill race: hope you guys will reintroduce it soon.
    thank you for all your work!
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  8. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    Thanks for working on this Track...I have been a huge fan since Giobaka did his version for rF1, also had a gravel version, found a version for rF2 and already have a version for AC installed...but your version has gone to a whole new level of detail, absolutely fantastic work and will be really looking forward to more updates until the final version...keep up the great work.
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  9. The AI cars start out of the pits in practice/qualify at uphill track, but then never drive faster than 60 km/h. Race does not work at all, because start places are in "nirvana".
    Downhill even more worse. AI is stack on top at each other in the pits and is jumping around like mad. Start for race downhill also in "nirvana".
    So no useable AI at all...:(

    sections.ini is a copy of Nürburgring ...
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  10. Guys, you make some really awesome, high quality tracks, and this is no exception but what's with the excessive branding all over the track?
    The way it's just copy-pasted all over it's really ugly and somewhat ruins the experience of an otherwise amazing track which seems very unnecessary. It would be great to have more realistic billboards and banners, or at least with a more variety and no huge billboards that wouldn't be there in the real world (They certainly weren't as annoying in the 0.5 version of this map). Or is this just like that for the beta and something you planned on changing upon the 1.0 release anyways?
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  11. -edit-
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  12. I appreciate all of the work DrDoomslab did to convert this to AC, and I thought some of the 0.5x textures looked better. But this version looks good enough for now, and runs butter-smooth on my system. The road feel is great too.
    This is my favorite road in AC. There are some others that are very good, but this one reminds me of the roads I love to drive in the Appalachian Mountains. I had a blast the other day testing out the 3 SUVs here.
    Can't wait to see the finished 1.0 with some more varied textures. Keep at it. :)
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  13. We are planning to bring all of our tracks to v1.0 soon in 2017. We have received substantial donations to keep us going and also we have now more skilled team members. We have more than 20 tracks on our radar and all of them are progressing towards v1.0. With more people interested in these tracks and a proper introduction of VR this is a good time to finish these tracks with v1.0. All v1.0 will be free to play.There is also several PUBLIC betas already for download. There is 2 ways we could do our tracks. 1. Work several years without any betas and no public recognition and then release finished tracks or the other way: 2. we chose to release our tracks as playable betas and constantly improve them towards quality even higher than original content in tthe end. So please (as angry You may be) stop hating the projects and support us.
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  14. SIM TRAXX 2017 PLANS / TIAN MEN SHAN scanned and more...

    Hi to all in this New Year 2017,
    I just want to clarify that we are planning to finish most of the tracks we have to v1.0 in 2017 and give them away for free. This will boost our publicity and will be treated as a form of advertising our creations. All who think that we are planning to keep the betas all the time are wrong. The team is now much bigger and better skilled and also the VR implementation is bringing in more people who are interested, therefore we will be able to do v1.0 much better and much quicker in 2017.

    We want to finish all these older tracks and start creating new scratch made tracks , with even higher quality and attention to details -> photo scanned from aerial drones and with use of photogrammetry. SIM TRAXX DESIGN will already be a proper company and these new tracks will be for sale for around 8-10 EUR each as DLC once finished for various simulations on the market.

    One of the first DLC scanned tracks will be Tian Men drift mountain in China (seen on 2 screens) where our team will go in person and will use drones in China to scan the terrain and make high resolution pictures for textures. We have made alot of tests with using this new technology when creating a motorway crossing in Frankfurt in Germany that will be available soon as a PUBLIC BETA (work in progress seen on 2 screens) We will also soon start our pre-order system possibly on Kickstarter or other crowdfunding platforms. Please follow SIM TRAXX facebook for more info soon.

    So as You see something that started very small and took very long time to develop is going to finally flourish and bring more happiness to people. We are aware that the long time people were wating for v1.0 could be frustrating but we can assure that the closer to v1.0 the works will go much faster and the quality will be even better. In the end it is all about time and human resources to create. If we had a budget like the AAA titles then we could do hundreds of tracks with quality comparable for example to DIRT RALLY or even better. Because our budget is still very low then unfortunately it takes much longer and the quality is not yet good enough. But as it was said earlier, alot of things is going to improve soon as we are gaining publicity and support. I hope You understand that the support is going only for the authors and people who improve the tracks and our goal is to bring the best tracks possible to the AC community as well as other communities (perhaps AC2, or any new emerging driving simulations, etc.) in the future.

    Best wishes for this new 2017 to all drivers! Make this year even better and safer than the last! Keep training in Your simulators and be safe on real roads!

    Best Regards

    Kon Rad & SIM TRAXX team

    SIM TRAXX community
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
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  15. Yes, these banners are only for the betas. The finished versions will have more various banners and less annoying ;)
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  16. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    Keep up the great work...and really look forward to the new updated tracks you create especially 'Transfagarasan - Hill Climb and Downhill' version ( you have done a fantastic job updating this, very impressive)... as this is my personal all time favorite track and would happily purchase this as a DLC when completely finished.
    I noticed when I had Giobaka's version for rF1 when the AI got to the top of the hill climb in the car park, they jumped the barriers and went cross country down hill and I followed them on a couple of occasions and eventually I ended back down at the first hair pin corner from the start line.....so I have often wondered how difficult would it be to add a fast fantasy down hill road in which you would drive through the tunnel at the top and go around the other side of the hill to a basic straight high speed downhill driveable road (just made up, fantasy road) that would come out at the first hairpin corner from the start line...this is so you could do the Hill Climb then just quickly race down the other side and start again...essentially a big loop.:D:):):):)
    Last edited: Jan 2, 2017
  17. This part will be also added soon, we are planning to connect north and south (asphalt edition) with a tunnel.

    We are usually not supporting fantasy tracks or layouts. Thanks for all Your support! Soon more updates.
  18. M D Gourley

    M D Gourley

    WOW...absolutely fantastic work on the gravel stage, looks very impressive....as does the car mod, sounds amazing...top shelf work.
  19. ..isn't that video from rFactor?