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Trains in rFactor

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by ehrlec, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. link
  2. Nifty trick! :banana: Thanks for sharing. Here's hoping it can be expanded further!
  3. Well, it's an interesting concept

    But as soon as I saw you mention that it requires a car to push through the world, I became less excited

    Modifying garage positions to push a train through a track isn't the sort of thing i'd ever try.

    I assumed when I heard of this that you were using another way to move GMTs around, such as RotateY for the helicopters.


    I mean, what are you suggesting, that you modify a Single Player mod, and make Team0 an exclusive car/team called "Train"

    Of which it's only reason to exist is to move a train through the world?

    And then start the normal teams at Team1 and above?


    If you are intending this to become a "Train Modification" - then good work!

    But I thought you meant as an extra scenery object of sorts
  4. Well.... I think that erlec should be awarded full championship points for his research. Good job.

    With his concept, it follows that you could expand it by one dimension ... z (or rather, rFactor Y), and craft a non rendered track in the air, and have helecopters follow this 3d track surface..... such that helicopters no longer need fly only in 2D circles.

    If you leave the 'fuel' on, they could come in for landings (..their pit stop). Can you set rF cars to stop for fuel only? If so, your 'helicopter' would not raise up on air jacks when it landed (next to an infield hospital). Of course, it would take off again too.

    When you have this invisible 'track' surface outside of your track, a camera helicopter could be be terrain following in a way, and follow the cars around a track.

    Probably still couldn't cross over the racetrack surface, but still.....

    Again.... Great work, erlec

    Edit... actually, would not matter which side of track you are on .... so long as your heli ai line does not cross your track's ai.

    Edit2.. If the invisible track is dirt for a short section, it's 'rotor' (ani) could 'blow up dirt' as it 'takes off' (after pitting).

    Edit3... Blimps, Banking, Biplanes skywriting = forced engine overheating .... etc.. etc..
  5. Very interesting!
    It's a shame, as mentioned before, that the path cant cross the main racing line.....
    I was thinking along the lines of mobile wildlife in a 24hour race-besides having a train interrupt practice!
    Well done Ehrlec for at least testing to see what is & isn't possible!:cool:
  6. COOL!
    Can wildlife cross the main racing line or are they like the train & unable to?
    If it can cross another path, would it be collide-able?
    I'm thinking of a mobile hazard that will turn up occasionally on a timed path that crosses a race track in 2or3 places every once in a while....
    With a big enough track, the 'hazardous' wildlife wouldn't even be seen every race with the right timing, yet when they do, could ultimately end a race for a driver or 2.....
    Unfortunately, I have no idea how to go about it-yet, what your up to here is definitely giving me something to think about.....
    Thank You!
  7. Do you mind opening a thread under official ISI forums aswell ? I'm sure developers would be interested in your talents :)

    Nice work !
  8. Awesome news Ehrlec,
    So long as a mob of animals turn up once in a blue moon & destroy-I mean SURPRISE- someones race occasionally, this'll be just the thing to liven up an 80+Km lap!
    Thanks for finding this out!
    I'll give it a go in the next couple of days,
  9. Brilliant work ehrlec! this will come in handy for some Aussie roads!! Wombats here we come....
  10. :doublethumb: :woot: WOOOOOUUUU !!!!! FANTASTIC !!! what an add on 4 the game :party::drink::thumb::thumb::thumb:
    and if u could add something like this instead of deer people like from rally stages...
    2 samples:


    this things would be very very cool if there's a way to implement ...
    great work Ehrlec ,keep it going 4 me revolution in rF...thnx again :cool: