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Misc Training for tire-management 2016-09-14

Training for tire-management green pink

  1. micmcmiller submitted a new resource:

    Training for tire-management - Training for tire-management green pink

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  2. A wee translation for you: He is saying that he reworked the tyrecompounds file for people who find it difficult to get their R&D area in the green/purple areas in tyre management & says it's now easier to do with this mod.
    He also says he plays on PC with a keyboard & is able to hit higher tyre management results 30/50 without assists on.

    I'm am just wondering though, if this will effect tyre deg/longevity in races also or whether it's R&D specific...
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  4. What exactly did you change, because all the values seem the same as the original file.
  5. "WearRate value" reduced
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  7. Just a Question:
    Have you change anything at the tyre wear ? In the race, after 8 Laps i have only 8% tyre wear on my tyres at a 25% distance. I used Soft tyers, track was Montreal. But it was Bacu where I had 13% tyre wear after 13 Laps on hard tyres.