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Training Day Support

Discussion in 'WorkerBees RBR Plugin Support' started by Pete Mull, Mar 31, 2012.

  2. Here is the download link to the latest RBR TrainingDay release:

    RBR TrainingDay Plugin 3.4

    Excerpt from the readme:

    Training Day plugin (Version 3.4) for RBR 1.02 SSE

    This plugin for Richard Burns Rally allows to configure and label a set of
    stages along with weather, track, tyre, service and setup settings. Cars,
    weather and track settings, tyres and setup files may be selected individually
    for each stage.

    Furthermore all built-in stages, rally school lessons and, if present,
    reversed tracks, are pre-configured as hotlap rally and may be run
    with different weather, track and tyre settings.
    Time statistics include rally, weather and overall best times and are based on
    every rally/hotlap which have been driven.

    Setups maybe loaded, edited and saved by accessing the standard dialogs
    directly from the plugin's menu.

    Progress made during a rally including the car damage may be saved to
    respectively loaded from a file at any time.

    Car data and appearance of in-game messages can be configured in a
    configuration file.

    Replays may be saved after running each stage. The name of the replay will be
    generated automatically.
    After running a stage the replay can be viewed.

    Car damage including the tyre wear and wheel damage is being preserved between
    the stages. The car may be repaired in the service park. The number of
    mechanics and their skill level may be configured for rally stages or chosen
    individually for each hotlap stage.

    Version History
    3.4 2016-12-24
    * caching of valid track settings per tint set

    3.3 2014-11-01
    New features:
    * caching of valid track settings
    * fixed loading of progress file

    3.2 2014-10-23
    New features:
    * validate existance of all textures, using RBR's loading algorithm
    * TrackListing.exe for building a list of valid stage settings

    3.1 2014-09-21
    New features:
    * added support for online plugins
    * fixed handling of setup options

    3.0 2014-07-04
    New features:
    * stage records based on surface (dry/damp/wet)

    New features:
    * key 'B' to get back to previous dialog (from hotlaps or rallies)
    * read the car's name from the Cars.ini file if present (key CarName)
    * fixed damage handling after pausing the game

    New feature:
    * load appropriate particles data for add-on tracks instead of low quality

    New features:
    * new initial plugin dialog
    * use separate dialogs for hotlaps and rallies
    * car damage level and transmission selectable (which were previously
    taken from the quickrace settings)
    * use physics according to Surface entry from tracks.ini file if present
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2017
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  3. Thanks Uncle G. :thumbsup:
  4. Nice plugin - only I miss support additional cars not orginal list but cars from cars.ini. I have old russian times plugin and theyrs support all cars and separete cars by groups (I mean WRC N S1600 and ...)
  5. Well, it does support all cars from the cars.ini.

    The car specification can be changed in the TrainingDay.ini as is stated in the readme.
    I chose this implementation cause I did not want to screw up the carinfo.ini or other rbr files.

    As long as the cars are installed properly there should be no issue.

    Enjoy the service park.
  6. Hi Folks,

    just uploaded the new version 2.8.4. See the link in the second posting.

    This one finally loads the approriate particles data for add-on tracks for improved gameplay.

    Have fun.

    Uncle G.
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  7. Will be best if I can add new track too :). Second, in track like PTD I can't chose weather only "Optional" dry crip
  8. Basically you can add any track as hotlap, eg. "Sweet Lamb.srp":
    weather d #  Dry
    tyres g d #  Gravel Dry
    mechanics 4
    skill comp
    service 20
    hotlap 1
    stage 158 Sweet Lamb
    PTD (track 107) has 21 "Weather and Track Options" to choose from.
    From crisp/clear to heavyfog/heavycloud is all present.
    Simply select the Weather menu item an press Enter.
    The list shows all available settings to choose from.
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  9. I think, would be nice if you can choose car name from instant car.ini
    Now is available this car ini list with car name for CZ plugin:
    Actually it will help save result as different car and car group (the same as RBRTimesPlugin). And if you change car in you car.ini you never lose yours old result and always know with what car you did "that time"...
  10. PS is code the same for tarmac SS?
  11. Same for tarmac except the tyres: "tyres t d" )for snow it's "tyres s"). RTFM

    Well, I would prefer that the CZ plugin reads from my INI file.
    Same is true for times or whatever plugin.
    Got it ?!
  12. No, I mean, that yours plugin will read cars from working car.ini not from default. Any way this just only thoughts ;)
  13. To make our guru a happy man, TrainingDay now reads the car's name from the cars.ini, if present.

    An updated version 2.8.5 is available, see second posting for details and download link.

    Uncle G.
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  14. thanks man! - you are make me really happy :D
  15. Hi everybody,
    I started using this amazing plugin (latest 2.8.5) principally to test my own tracks in every condition.
    In hotlap mode, when I finish a stage, there's not possibility to see/save the replay. The only active button is a "continue" one and then I go back to the plugin menu, where I can only save the record, while no replay files are generated.
    Is this true or am I just sleeping while grazing in front of the pc? (that could be, sincerely speaking...)
  16. That's an easy one.

    After "continue"ing to the plugin's hotlap page navigate down to the "Edit:" menu.
    With keys left/right you may scroll through the available options to save the replay (name is auto-generated) or instantly watch the replay.
  17. thanks a lot!
  18. Version 3.0 available, see first post for details.
  19. thanks man!
  20. I've been looking for a way to set up private multiple stage Rallys without having to use RSRBR online and I think this plugin is what I'm looking for. Does this plugin work with RSRBR tracks (or at least most of them) and how can I get a list of track ID's to set up a rally? The tracklisting.exe file mentioned in the readme can't be found. Hopefully this all makes sense.