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traction control and abs

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Rapala, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. With some cars I really, really struggle to not to get spin outs on corner exits and tyre lock-ups on braking eg: the powerful open wheelers and now the new V8s. So I feel bad about it as they're not present in the real car, but I put TC and ABS on low for these. (or does the V8 have abs/TC in real life?)
    Do you guys feel learning to drive without these can actually be faster? Any tips?
  2. Watch how long he keeps the brake pedal on and how progressive he relese it

    Doing this you can reduce the amount of wheel locks. Of course a good setup with proper brake pressure and front/rear brake distribution also helps
    With a open wheel car you need to do this a lot faster, go for low brake pressure or just don't hit the pedal 100% but to be fast doing this takes time
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  3. @Will Mazeo, sorry but what are you implying? I didn't see anything much different from trail braking.
  4. @Joel Locsin post was not aimed at people that already know what to do
  5. Thanks for the video. I think adjusting to no ABS is the easier of the 2 transitions, since I can just find the point of no lock-up with brake pressure or knowing how far to push the pedal. It's TC that I'm finding really tricky eg. coming out a slow corner, I'm at half throttle, slowly increasing and then boom, I'm suddenly facing the other way with no chance to react. So the fix to this is to really baby the throttle, but then you just feel slowwww as you watch the AI pull away with no apparent corner exit issues. I guess it just comes down to practise, practise to find the right balance.

    Very interesting in the video that he will use the brake whilst staying full throttle around the medium bends, I didn't know this was a real life racing thing. eg: 0:10- 0:20. Do you guys ever do this in racing sims?
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  6. Personally, I've always stayed away from assists and suspect that may be the quickest way to mastering sim driving.
    However, I think that the most important thing is that you have fun/like it. So using assists may be the best way for you.
    When I started with SCE, I crashed out a lot. And then about two months into it (some 50 hours or so), I realised I wasn't crashing out much at all anymore. So stick with it, improvements will come in time.
  7. I'm practicing to get used to doing like he does at 0:10, right now my mind says "lift the throttle" what may not be as fast as using the brake while accelerating.

    If you want to know when your wheels are going to lock use the GID plugin, the manual here http://www.virtualracinggroup.net/fazerbox/files/GID11/GIDv1_1_ENG.pdf

    There is a version of this for GSC Steam if you are using this one, if you use the stand alone GSC you just have to rename the exe to rFactor I think.
    Then you'll use the WGL it indicates how your wheels are going, if that part (the one that looks like a radar) gets full red it's about to lock so you release the pedal a bit and see how it goes, you can place it whenever you want so try to put somewhere like cloes to the center of the screen so you'll really see it while driving.
  8. wow that sounds really, really useful, can't wait to try this tonight, thanks! :)
  9. I'm not the fastest driver and this is not my best lap because driving while Bandcam records is not cool to my toaster PC (I really need to upgrade but with this dollar price.. nope) but here is a example of how I use WGL

    I mostly keep it there while learning a car or doing a setup, you don't really need it in race at all. I can run 1:54 and just as in this lap without locking wheels a single time with TC and ABS off.
    If you lock wheels it will appear "Lock" in the indicated wheel there, but if that part go full red while braking your wheel may be already locked
  10. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
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  11. Core i3 2100 8gb RAM and nothing else :roflmao:
    To be fair I can run about 40 cars with everything on max except for shadows that is on medium because the "low" setting does not work like in GTR2 (it should IMO) and particle details not appearing in the mirror, there may be more graphic teaks in the plr I don't remember now. And as I'm from the generation that grew up with Top Gear and Gran Turismo I don't really mind having stuff running @ 30 fps. I just really need to get rid of this monitor but I want to get a video card first, spotter addon helps a lot so no hurry :D

    *Of course I'm not including AA effects here... that would be just too much, but I don't bother driving without them at all.
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  12. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett
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    Fair play maybe a cheapo g-card will do wonders for you :p
  13. Yeah I was trying to get the R7 260x then the dollar price just went sky rocket, not worth it IMO
  14. Just wanted to report back on what a huge help that wgl widget is, you get to know exactly when you can and can't start increasing throttle and I've just finished a crash free race at Guapore with super V8's so I'm really stoked. The AI pretty much whipped me at 95% though and I'm interested to know how decent my times are. My best was a 1:09.3 with the AI doing 1.07's - 1.10's (after some talent file editing to get a good spread). What lap time can you guys do here?
  15. Great to hear that man. Not driving the Super V8 at this moment due to our forum getting ready to start a GT3 league so I don't have a time to compare (I gotta pick my car but they are all so awesome I can't choose) but I believe a V8SC league will start once the OZV8 mod is released so I'll be able to show my lap times
  16. Managed to get it down to 1:08.2, but that's a wall for me now. The good thing is it's pretty consistent even with no aids and really starting to understand this car. thanks a lot for your help Will. :)
    btw what forum is it your gt3 league is starting on and which mod?
  17. EEC, just make a presentation of yourself answering the questions needed (it's on the rules thread) if you wanna take a look at how we are. We are "new" to GSC, first leagues starting now
    Our own mod, we'll also have a ELMS league at some point in near future.
  18. Cool thanks, I'll take a look.
  19. I noted I had to dial AI back to 92-94 where as normally with mods and stock content Im using 98-110, V8 AI def lot faster than other GSCE AI.
  20. Study
    Watch the following video and learn from it. Keep it handy to refer back to:

    1. Enable TC (traction control) and ABS (antilock brakes) on high/full and SC (stability control) on low.
    2. Drive for a few hours, a day, a few days - whatever - until you get consistent and comfortable and a general feeling of control and confidence with the car. A constant comfortable feeling though, not just the odd comfortable lap here and there.
    3. Disable SC but don't touch ABS and TC yet.
    4. Repeat step #2
    5. Lower either TC or ABS (not both) by 1 level (e.g. high/full to medium).
    6. Keep repeating step #2 followed by step #5. Eventually you'll have all aids off.

    NOTE: If using the Aussie V8s then make sure to also enable, and keep enabled, autoclutch so as to have the car autolift and autoblip for you. If you want to be responsible for upshifting throttle lifts and downshifting throttle blips then disable autoclutch but for now I highly advise to keep it enabled.

    NOTE 2: Make sure to not use vSync (whether from your GPU control panel or the game's options) as it adds input lag, on top of that, make sure to set max pre-rendered frames in your GPU's control panel (for Nvidia users) to 1 as that will lower input lag further. I also advise you to then go in your SCE player PLR file and look for the max framerate line. Set it to whatever number your monitor's max refresh rate is and SCE's refresh rate is set to. Make sure to put a negative sign in front of the number (-60, not 60, -144, not 144, etc.).

    P.S. Feel free to add me on Steam. I'd be more than glad to go online and help you out (or just do some racing if not necessarily looking for help). That goes to anyone and everyone :)
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