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Tracks for "old" F1

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by seamount, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Hi, i am a big fan of old F1 cars, so i like -offline- f1 1969 - 1971 - 1973 - 1975 mods.

    my question is, which are the better tracks ? i found motorfx '70s and 75s (which version is better, 70 or 75 ?), a group of 67s tracks ... then there is the trackpack of gpc1979

    but which are the best for AI and "overall" ?
  2. or maybe the 1988 trackpack ?

    it's important the visuals are of the time (not nice to see ... maybe apple advertisement with 1969 cars :) ...) but above all i need a ery good AI behaviour
  3. BoogerMac

    Premium Member

    The 1988 track pack is pretty good. I use some of them with newer F1 cars (specifically Long Beach and Detroit) and they play pretty nicely. I haven't tried any of the older ones.