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Tracks TrackPack F1 2008 Part 1/3 1.1

Melbourne, Sepang, Shangaï, Monaco, Montreal, Abu Dhabi, Fuji, Magny Cours, Silverstone

  1. CRaZyChaOs55 submitted a new resource:

    Warning ! MOD F1 2008 is just a convertion , there is nothing that you change the 3D cars like the physic. And TrckPack are many convertion RFT 2008. ( An update will be put on the forum shortly )

    TrackPack F1 2008 Part 1/3 - Melbourne, Sepang, Shangaï, Monaco, Montreal, Abu Dhabi, Fuji, Magny Cours, Silverstone

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  2. Are these tracks supposed to be for Automobilista? They show up in the game track menu, but do not load. I checked the GDB file & under the Filter Properties it's listed as = Filter Properties = RoadCourse 2005 SRGrandPrix OWChallenge. That's for the rfactor game. In order for any track to work in Automobilista, it first must be converted to GSC2013. And most people are adding the new textures & shader files to get them like the new original Reiza tracks. The GDB file then will say= Filter Properties = StockV8 * . Plus there's 3 Search & Mas files has to be added in the track SCN folder. If you uploaded these tracks for rfactor, then you put them in the wrong category.
  3. I Believe That you're the only one Having concern . Personally all those who Have the MOD and the circuits have no concern before posting on RaceDepartment . If you still see that the so tidy and files correctly his Persists we'll see What we can do . ;)
  4. btw all the import are a stealing work, nothing about mention of the original author/creator of the mod at all
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  5. Alfie57

    SimRaceTube Premium Member

    Check Spa Trees are hanging in the sky.... or is this only on me happening?
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  6. Oh , I guess not many MOD F1 "steal" that was on Game Stock Car. A person will feel the current time if the MOD was "stealing" lol. I do not see why that MOD was "stealing" since they began in plublique on rF1 . ;)

  7. No this is the circuit itself, hahaha I hesitate to remove it but I wanted to let someone do it again lol.

  8. this is not from at all from GSC serie at the beginning, was from rfactor or grandprix 4, and btw you still need to give a credit you wasnt made tgis mod at the start 8 yts ago at age of 12
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  9. http://www.simracingworld.com/files...08-rfactor-modification-singleplayer-version/

    Maded by FSONE team for Rfactor, so its an illegal download from you, never mention them at all
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  10. Yes I know that the MODS just rFactor , it's just a convertion of the MOD , we do not see what we did wrong, other people do well with MODS of F1S -R , MMG , RFT and more others. If we have to say on MODS , what should we say of circuits ?! many leagues use the system of others. I even saw on YouTube a league known enough their MOD is tested on our circuit and we knew it was ours because we saw on the big screens of the way of Shanghai stand the names of our league (if I find the video I put the links) , there was no complaint so far was wanted it was on purpose mits in public , we were glad the other league uses our tours ! ;)

    I would not annoy me or seem rude, but , is that you're at least happy once in your life that modders like us or else do that stuff for all F1 fans , WTCC etc ... ?
  11. its not only the track pack, its all the 2008 mod you import in racedepartment, nothing is from you.... you only made the convertion and all the hour you put to convert that is less than make one model of those car whitout the skin.... so you absolutly need to put credit to FSONE from the carpack... and find the author of all those track and put the credit to them also... after that its will be legal
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  12. Listen I will not force me even more I do not want her parte fight lol I'll check with our modder what we will do , I will keep you posted. ;)
  13. its already reported to the admin here they will revoke it, its against the rule of RD
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  14. If admins want they can contact our modder and see what they can do . ;)
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  16. Ah yes true , for once I did not see this rule
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  17. Are you proud of yourself now? Get a life :poop:
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  18. FSONE team made a lot of work on it, he only have to put their name as a credit... simple
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  19. Are you like the police now? How about I go around contacting all the companies of your F1 1993 skins or FOM themselves since you didnt pay for any of the licenses.
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