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TrackIR, FreeTrack and Face track

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Evan Madore, Aug 9, 2010.

  1. Kind of a tutorial I made but it fits here as well.

    I am not the owner of any of this software, I just have done a lot of searching and tweaking to make this work properly. I figured I would share with you all.

    Just a quick test I did.

    This uses FaceAPI and another piece of software called FaceTrackNOIR. The FaceTrackNOIR software supports PPJoy and GlovePie so even if the game does not support FreeTrack or TrackIR and it does support analog looking, you can use this.

    Screenshot of the software:

    Files Needed:

    2:FaceTrackNOIR V1
    3:FaceTrackNOIR Update
    Additional Files:

    I recommend a camera that does 30FPS or better for this. Make sure all of your drivers all installed properly. Also, try to get the most even lighting on your face as possible. The more well lit side of your face WILL track better.

    Retard-Proof Steps:
    1. Install FaceAPI
    2. Install FaceTrackNOIR
    3. Drag and drop the files from the update into where you installed FaceTrackNOIR

    I will explain how to get this working with rFactor and ArmA2. This has been confirmed to work with many sim titles including GTR2/EVO and iRacing. Any game supporting analog look features will be able to benefit from this as well using PPJoy and GlovePIE.

    For rFactor:
    In the FaceTrackNoIR software follow these steps:
    1. Set the "Tracker Source" to FaceAPI.
    2. Set "Game Protocol" to Fake TrackIR
    The rest of these settings will completely depend on your lighting and the camera you use. I will try to explain what each does.

    "Smoothing" attempts to smooth out any jittery'ness when tracking. Mine is at 3
    Leave "EWMA filter" checked.
    "Neutral Zone" defines the area close to where your head sits center. The bigger the number, the more deadzone. This is helpful if you move around a lot. Mine is set to 7.

    Sensitivities are next.
    Yaw is how sensitive turning your camera is. This is the most useful for racing. Mine is at 150.

    Pitch is up and down. I keep this lower than the Yaw. Mine is at 100.

    X and Y are the axis relative to the game. In racing this controls how you move around the cockpit. I have those set to 150 and 150.

    Personally I do not like the roll in games. I just leave that off. You can fiddle with it if you like that.

    Red.Factors: This adjust the "reaction time" from what I have found. It makes everything happen snappier. I would not use any more than 50, the lower you go the better, although it could get jittery. I would suggest trying to find a good combo of "Smoothing" and "Red. factor". Mine is at 42.

    Once you get all of this stuff set, click "Start" in the upper left. You should see your camera on the bottom appear. It will look for your eyes, nose, and mouth/jaw. If it finds them properly, you should see yellow lines around them. Note: Try your best to put your head as close to where it always is before you click "Start". It WILL track better.

    For this to work properly in rFactor, you are going to need to adjust some files.

    These files are both located in your "rFactor\UserData\YourName" folder.

    I would suggest using NotePad++ for this.

    First open up "YourName.plr". Go to LINE 235 "Glance Rate" Replace with:
    Glance Rate="7.00000" // Rate to follow controller for glancing
    Go to LINE 236 "Look UP/DOWN Angle" Replace with:
    Look Up/Down Angle="2.00000" // Angle to look up/down (pitch) w/ controller in radians (= degrees / 57)
    Go to LINE 239 "Glance Angle" Replace with:
    Glance Angle="5.00000" // Angle to look left/right (yaw) w/ controller in radians (= degrees / 57)
    Now in that same folder go to your "Controller.ini" file. THESE ARE REALLY IMPORTANT!!

    Go to LINE 28 "HMD Pitch Exponent" Replace with:
    HMD Pitch Exponent="1.25000" // Exponent to apply to pitch tracking.  > 1.0 makes tracking near-center slower, > 0 & < 1.0 makes tracking near-center faster.
    Go to LINE 29 "HMD Yaw Exponent" Replace with:
    HMD Yaw Exponent="1.25000" // Exponent to apply to yaw tracking.  > 1.0 makes tracking near-center slower, > 0 & < 1.0 makes tracking near-center faster.
    Go to LINE 31 "HMD LEFT/RIGHT Exponent" Replace with:
    HMD Left/Right Range="0.00000" // Range to apply to left/right tracking or camera controls (0.35 = max, -0.35 = reversed max)
    Go to LINE 32 "HMD UP/DOWN Exponent" Replace with:
    HMD Up/Down Range="0.00000" // Range to apply to up/down tracking or camera controls (0.35 = max, -0.35 = reversed max)
    Now, you may want to tweak some of these settings to your own liking. These are just what I found to work well personally.

    To make this work, you have to launch rFactor, then tab out and launch the software and start the capture.

    Depending on you Res. and FPS, your processor could be taxed from 5-12%.

    The best camera for the money you can get for this is the Playstation Eye. **Not the EYETOY** This does an easy 60FPS and is made for FaceTracking. It runs from $24 used to $40 new. Not that bad.

    I don't believe I am forgetting anything.
  2. Thats a GREAT Post Thanks Evan:cool: I use freetrack at the moment, but this looks a very good alternative! Excellent!:wink:
  3. Look forward to some big updates and better documentation. I am working with the creator on a website and integrated instructions inside the software.
  4. This is great thanks Evan, looking forward to more updates!:cool:
  5. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Hello im looking for some advice i was looking at the TrackIR http://www.naturalpoint.com/trackir/products/trackir5/ it looks a nice bit of kit but after reading the above i see that if you have a good quality wedcam that with this sofware Files Needed:

    2:FaceTrackNOIR V1
    3:FaceTrackNOIR Update
    Additional Files:

    that i will get the same thing if not more as you can use it on games that the trackir has not got working yet i have a Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 Web camera and was wondering which road to go down i mainly play race games so all input would be welcome ...i did notice in the specs of trackir that is uses 120fps which is 2x what the above software uses would this mean a better smoothnes in the correct lighting conditions , and finally what is the optimum range as i sit about 2m from a 27" inch screen ..... with thanks for any help....
  6. Hi Paddomuncher :)

    Do a google search for Freetrack, I use this with a nintendo wii controller (linked to the PC with a blutooth dongle). I get perfect tracking and 100-120FPS too!
  7. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    thanks for a quick responce will have a look this is all a bit new to me with the tracking and like the idea of a head movement to look around when driveing especaily at the apex and to the side of me ...ok i had a look and this one alson requires a cap with lights home made , i can do that (but i hate caps ) where as the one above if i read it right looks at you face , but thanks again will look in more detail
  8. I think the one above does not need a cap, but never tried it tbh, let me know how you get on and Kris or I are always lurking around the forum if you need help :)
  9. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

  10. Good luck with it and Like I say, ask If you need help :)
  11. Have bought a Ps3 Eye based on this review, hoping it works as well as it looks :D, very useful guide thanks :)
  12. I'd be interested to see how it works for you - I tried it with a webcam and was only getting 12fps from it so it was very jittery :(
  13. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    just out of interest which webcam were you youseing, then we all have a base to go from and compare which is getting a better quality and what software was used .. please. im still in the process of putting mine together ....
  14. Im using a creative Live! Vista IM webcam..

    It lags quite badly in the games and I dont think the cam is particularly good as it struggles to detect my face as well :( I'd like to know how people get on with PS3 Cams
  15. So, a week later the Camera arrives :p Just unpacking it, will let you guys know what its like.
  16. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    its always nice to get thing in the post (especially a new toy)..
  17. Well after getting into the packaging (that took a long time :mad:). I plugged it in and used your settings for the first run.

    First impressions was that it was brilliant. Head movement worked so well, however was a bit weird to get used to. However before a couple laps were up there were some issues to fix. Really I think this is gonna take some work and time to get to how I want it :p. Forunatly there's a tonne of settings so it will get there one day. My biggest issue is finding somewhere the camera can go while being able to see over the wheel.

    Really pleased with it so far, as I say can only get better :p.
  18. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    I have been having a PS£ collecting dust for so long. Was even about to sale it. Now I know what to do with it. :)
  19. I just got a PS3 Eye also and will be setting it up this weekend. If you don't mind Lee, I might PM you a couple questions if I run into problems.
  20. Sure, Not saying mines brilliantly set up yet though :p. I move my head and the camera goes in the direction I want it to but it does need tweaking to get the sensitivity right.