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TrackIR 4 Pro & TrackClip Pro + nKPro

Discussion in 'netKar PRO' started by Kakha Jomardidze, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. Hello Drivers! just bought, TrackIR and have something strange detect... at iR when i movement head RIGHT side, respond correct. when in nKPro respond on the contrary :( with my bad english, is to hard say everything... so better I'll showing pic -


  2. You can just invert it, no? Not sure if TrackIR has any profiles or something.
  3. have try but nothing. when set invert, then goes everything not correct :(
  4. I was using FreeTrackIR, and all was working fine. Just try to invert certain settings and see what happens (I'm guessing Roll from the pictures, but it was trial and error in my case)
  5. solved the problem! (helped one person) "Invert the "Roll" axis in the profile, which you use for nkp"
    my link
  6. Well, yes, as I suggested above :p

    Glad you got it working, enjoy.
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  7. THX man. after 2-3 hh... trying, start nervous :D
    he has understand maybe, better my "anglish" haha.