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Tracking Building - Need Help

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Fergus O'Daly, Mar 1, 2014.

  1. So I want to learn how to make a track for Game Stock Car 2013.

    Where should I start?
    What programs would I need?
    Where can I find the best tutorials?

    I have a lot of experience making maps for a wide variety of first person shooter games using many different editors, so I have a great deal of patience for learning new editors and I am fully committed to learning how to build a track for GSC2013. I just need a little guidance to get started.

    So far the only stuff I could find on my own was some mod tools at rFactor Central, but I don't know which of these mod tools, if any, will work for GSC2013. http://www.rfactorcentral.com/list.cfm?cat=Mod Tools

    Bobs Track Builder seemed like a good place to start, but it doesn't say that it will work for GSC2013 and the program is $60. I don't want to purchase something and then find out later that it will not work for GSC2013.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. You guys are so helpful :p ...jk

    So I bought Bob's Track Builder and created some cool stuff fast and tested it in rFactor and seems to work great. I have 3Ds Max installed too, but haven't needed to use it yet. I downloaded of lot of additional tools and read a lot of tips, guides, tutorials and watched a lot of tutorial movies. So far Bob's Track Builder seems really easy to learn fast and extremely fun to use.

    Bob's Track Builder offers a large library of surface textures to choose from, but since I love using Photoshop, I've already started making some of my own textures which I've applied to the track pavement, grass, and other surfaces - and I plan to continue to expand on my own texture pack as I go.

    I tried using Google Earth to import tracks and it worked great. I even took my Garmin GPS from my car and hooked it up to my computer and used it in conjunction with Google Earth to map out the coordinates of several real life tracks and successfully imported them into Bob's track Builder and added the correct height for the entire track - though some slight additional tweaking was needed. I played around with various file formats for importing track geography with no problems at all. Currently I am making my own track from scratch since I have something specific in mind that I want to create.

    I have no interest playing rFactor, but part of the process is making the track playable in rFactor and then converting it for Game Stock Car 2013. GSC2013 is the only racing sim that I like playing because it's my favorite.

    For those that actually bothered to read this, lol, If you are one of those guys that has never worked with a track editor before and think that it would be too difficult to learn how to make your own tracks, well, I just want to let you know that it is actually very fun and easy to learn. Bob's Track Builder makes designing tracks a breeze. I deeply regret not buying it sooner. I'm having more fun designing a track than playing the game. I was planning on finishing my track design in Bob's Track Builder and then tweaking the track further in 3Ds Max, but I honestly don't think I am going to need to use 3Ds Max at all since Bob's Track Builder seems to get the job done great on its own. I might only use 3Ds Max to make some buildings and other stuff for the surrounding environment if I bother to use 3Ds Max at all.

    Thank you so much Piddy.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2014
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  3. Rob Fitness

    Rob Fitness

    sounds like your getting it, good stuff... pretty sure i read somewhere that Reiza were ok with using their textures for tracks too... i could be wrong but pretty sure i read it ages ago here.
  4. Just wanted to mention... I was having problems running Bob's Track Builder on Windows 7 32bit. BTB was acting very slow. Anytime I would hit Ctrl-Z to undo an action, it would take upwards of a full minute for the undo action to complete. When I tried to use the texture blending tool, it would act very laggy to the point where I was unable to use it effectively at all and it would cause the program to freeze up for a few seconds every time I tried to use the tool.

    I did a lot of research to try to find out a solution to my problem and discovered that there was a more compatible DirectX driver from August 2009 that made BTB run incredibly fast and smooth on Windows 7 32bit.

    For anybody else having BTB lag issues on Windows 7 32bit, you can find the DirectX August 2009 driver here:

  5. You can also set the Update Timing to immediate just fyi as it helps get things positioned faster.
  6. Thanks. Good to know.
  7. Hi Fergus, thereĀ“s a tool that convert rfactor tracks to gsc2013, but when i do create a track e run on rfactor the lenght seem allright but in gsc2013 it make wrong. You already test it those tool?

    Sorry about my english i dont know if i make myself clear.
  8. Well done Fergus.
    I dont know if It is easy or not with btb bug please add some little bumps as original tracks. If possible of course. 3ds is probably needed for that
  9. And I can help you to add roadshaders at new skies if you want ;-)
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