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Tracks track_hermanos_rodriguez_gp_2016_acf1s 2.3


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  1. Ghastly gfx probs make this unplayable for me.
  2. excellent job thanks for sharing with the community of Formula One, I assetto spain f1, is at its best, Greetings
  3. Thanks been waiting for this one. The track itself is beautifully done and good to drive on, although the background and some of the foreground is in need of some major work to make it AC worthy. In it's current state it's just to unfinished, please keep up the great work to make this the masterpiece it deserves to be. Cheers.
  4. I'm sorry but the quality of the texture work here is utterly abysmal, it looks like something from the 90s. This is Assetto Corsa, not Mario Kart.

    I urge you to make an effort to learn how to do proper textures that look at least vaguely realistic rather than releasing all this tripe. I would love to see more scratch-built F1 circuit mods for AC but quality matters.

    For a start, how about not pasting the same crappy kerb and grass textures around the entire circuit. Oh, and maybe look at some photos of the track too...
  5. Man, PLEASE stop raping us with this kind of stuff. No one wants the tracks quality like that!
    Take a look at here, how it should be made PLEASE:

    And besides, I hope you will get something from the ppl`s comments too.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2016 at 17:44
  6. hey Mitja can you please sent me the link for the track???
  7. You can find the link for it from the reviews of this track. Probably a Codies rip tho.
  8. Sure :) But 1st you have to do 100 laps on this version :D:D:D
  9. No, you cannot find it, I did but its hard :) It took me a while.
    Anyway, batter a GOOD rip then a CRAP original - but even this here is a rip.
  10. Track in your video is the same ACU mexico as in the link in review section. At least the base is same.
  11. Could be, but the final outcome is way different.