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Tracks Track Update Series - Melbourne GP 1.0

Full Track and Sponsor Update!!!

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    Track Update Series - Melbourne GP - Full Track and Sponsor Update!!!

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  2. Awesome job Dude !!!!:thumbsup: Thanks a lot !!
  3. WOW!! thank u so much!!!!!!!
  4. Fantastic.... For me this is your best work.. :) .. Thanks very much m8 and thank's goes also to Reddvers for her help.... Thanks Guys for yours hard work :)
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  5. For @Peppi

    It is gonna take a long time but appreciate your post about images :thumbsup:

    Hope this helps show a couple of the changes made for Melbourne by @chargingcar and myself.


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  6. Lovely work,thank you.:thumbsup:
  7. Nice to have someone else do the work and I can just download and drive! Thanks!
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  8. thank you :thumbsup:
  9. Thank You again guys! :thumbsup:
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  10. Amazing job, thanks for all the time and effort that must go into each track. A real pleasure to
    drive around.
  11. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: