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Tracks Track Update Series - Hungary GP 1.0

Full Update Tarmac Sponsors Run Offs

  1. chargingcar submitted a new resource:

    Track Update Series - Hungary GP - Full Update Tarmac Sponsors Run Offs

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  2. Wow,once more,a big thank you.:thumbsup:
  3. Thank you :)
  4. Thanks !
  5. I don't understand those mods " track update"
    Please explain it to me, guys.
  6. Hi @leffty.

    The track mods are trying to update the textures and generic Codemaster adverts to make the tracks as realistic as possible. They can never be 100% accurate and don't claim to be. Codemaster's cannot use certain advertising and leave us pc people the opportunity to add Johnnie Walker ads etc etc.

    For example these were some of the changes made at Hungary:

    (1) Tyre walls changed to two-tone blue as per race this year
    (2) LG podium added
    (3) LG main straight sponsor replacing Rolex
    (4) Hungarian flag on main straight
    (5) Improved Rolex pit clock

    These track mods add extra flags, banners and podiums, FIA and Pirelli trucks even texturing balloons in the sky, where used, to help indicate where the races are held. For example at Texas we have added large US, Texan and Mexican flags. At Silverstone each British driver has his own large flag and at Nurburgring large German national flags have Vettel or Nico on them.

    Once again CM's just copy and paste flags that are not really relevant to each track. If @chargingcar and myself can do this level of detail (not 100% accurate) then surely CM's could do it, pretty lazy of them imho but then again I love the game so I ain't knocking them :thumbsup: It is great :thumbsup:.

    Download @chargingcar files and drive around the track very slowly and take a look at what has been done. Best to do it in a race rather than Time Trial.

    Thanks for asking. :thumbsup:

    Jim (Reddvers)
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2013
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  7. Beautiful, beautiful, but ...
    one might only changed. dds files of all routes, ranked as file structure, Share on import for yourself? Great videos and benefit me, personally nothing to detect any change photos would be much much better.
  8. @Peppi

    Hope this is OK. The main changes at Hungary:-

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  9. okie, thx
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  10. Great mod !
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  11. Great job as always! Thanks guys! :thumbsup: