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Track Texture Issues

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by asl, Jun 22, 2014.

  1. asl


    I appear to be having texture issues with the tracks I am making. In between each material in the corners, I am getting lines as seen below (may be a little hard to see without zooming in). These lines seem to become more intense when you lower the graphics. Any suggestions?

  2. asl


    With lower graphics.
  3. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    be shure that the texture does not have a dark border.
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  4. asl


    Yeah that was my first thought. But after checking they all look fine. I was thinking it could possibly be the bump map? But I removed the outsides of the bump map and resized it and it was still there. What I have seen improvements with is the below. It doesn't cancel it out actually. It just makes the line lighter.

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  5. Fault looks to me like it's in the surface/mesh itself...
    Are you sure there's no extra (hidden) panel there?
    How does it compare to the other texture/panel joins in the track surface under close examination?
  6. asl


    All track to track texture joins are exactly the same. Easing in visibility slightly on the straights. There appears to be no issues elsewhere (track to infield for example).

    The 'panels' were created in the same way shown in this video (

    Has got me fairly stumped. Has to be something I'm doing or not doing because it is occurring on every track I create.
  7. Have you checked the offset values? I think X is horizontal but make sure they're both 0.

    If your source image uses layers, there could be a size issue. If the canvas size is 512x512 but you have a layer that has been offset so that it exceeds the canvas size, the exported dds image may no longer be the right size. You may not get an error message but you won't get mip maps.
  8. asl


    Yeah offsets are both set to 0.

    Think I'm going to put this in the "deal with it" basket unfortunately.
    Perhaps readdress the issue once I've completed my level design unit at uni.

    Thanks everybody for your help.