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Track Surface Help

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by M1N1K0B3, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. In the Track Surface Properties, I want to change a specific part of the track but u can only edit the whole tracks surface properties. I want to add a little bump in some places, etc. How do u do this so i can add bumps etc rather than have the whole track edited? The tools shown in the video tutorial are not there in my version =S

    I am using the BTB version which works with rFactor.

    Thanks for all help =D
  2. Tools are pretty much the same as in video but better. You have to add road shape sections in 3d view by pressing controll and left mouse button when you have the road shape tool selected. This is how you can change the shape and the materials also only for some sections of the road.. See also the newer videos wich are explaining new features of btb.
  3. THANK YOU SO MUCH! =D =D =D! I have made a Kart Track for rFactor and i needed to add some little bumps, etc! Now u have saved me and i can start to release it!

    Also, With the pitlane, etc. There is no buildings to add? can u make ur own buildings and upload them to BTB? Is there any downloads for Pitlanes for BTB? Other objects etc?

    Without a pitlane the track will look very bad =S
  4. no help?
  5. It's only been 3 hours, and with the thread title being about surfaces people won't know that you're asking about pit buildings. :p

    Anyway, there is an XPack with pit buildings: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads.php?do=file&id=1912
    If you're trying to recreate a real track your best option will be to make the buildings yourself. Anim8or and Blender are free object programs, which can export as .3ds and maybe .dae, which XPacker can convert from.
  6. Ok thanks cool =D

    How i install the pit building into my track and where i put the file. Sorry for noobing.

    Also can i add textures to the pit buildings?

    Also with bits of the tracks like walls, etc. How can i change wall colour so i can make it something else other than just plain white. The white Makes my track feel like a jail. =D

    Ok so thanks so much for your help =D
  7. Also, how can i change the road template and add different road the lines then the normal ones used?
  8. Check the btb help file. The info you want is in the Editing \ XPacks section.

    You can replace existing texutres via Venue Materials (See the help file again: Editing\Materials & Textures). For new textures for things like walls you can look through the other XPacks in the Downloads section of this site or the XPacks setcion of the btb site. Haywood Club has some nice armco textures.
  9. Ok Thanks a lot.

    What about the roads? Is that the same?
  10. :) It's all similar. BTB is quite simple, but has many possibilities deeper - read the help section, the forum etc. Don't ask somebody else to build the track for you when you are going to do it yourself ;) No offence, just kidding :)
    Happy Easter still :)