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Track suggestions for Alpine A364

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by bsmooth, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. These cars are a blast to drive, can anyone suggest good tracks to drive them on ? They seem better suited to shorter tracks, but any suggestions are quite welcome. Thanks !
  2. I love those cars on Le Mas du Clos. Also try Caruaru, Guapore, and Floripa.
    They are really fun cars, right?!
  3. Gringo


    Taruma is good fun with the A364 vs. the AI
  4. And Croft perhaps
  5. Tarumã and any twisty track in general (this car loves curves).
    Mount Panorama is perfect, for instance.
    Zandvoort. Rouen Les Essarts. Nordschleife (multiplayer only, guess AI will blow engines) :)
  6. I thought the cars were literally on rails, until I just updated and noticed a lot of help in the difficulty section, Now that I have those off the cars are really lots of fun to drive, and easier to point using the throttle. I was racing last night at Taruma, and had a huge slide just coming onto the front straight. I wound up going up the hill on the left, and somehow smashing into the pit building on top, talk about a wild ride.
    That Taruma track is a blast to drive, I come back to it a lot.
  7. It's a blast on Mid-Ohio.