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Track Shadows 3D Objects ?

Discussion in 'Racer Problems & Fixes' started by QuadCoreMax, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm having some issues with shadows objects in geometry.ini.
    It looks like that :

    The shadow object is closed & composed of 3 primitives (2 cylinders + 1 cube) which wraps perfectly my "my_track_ads_1.dof" collision object. Shader/material is set correctly for both & I also tried playing with the extrude value, still I can't see my shadow. Stencil Bits is on + projected shadows too in racer.ini + in special.ini gfx.shadows.intensity_projected is set to 0.5 & works well for my F430 GTC shadow object.

    I'm wondering if "shadow_ads_1" is correct, maybe it's the reason....

    Any help is welcome !
  2. Stencil shadow for track objects is no longer supported for quite a long time. CSM shadow is the way to go ATM.
  3. Thx for info GT, didn't knew.

    Ok, maybe like Fernstone, I'll bake my shadows & blend them in the diffuse map...when I play in surround mode. That's basically the reason. No prob when playing in CSM shadow mode on normal resolution.

    You think there's some other trick/work-around I could use ?

    Hm, without shadows, the scene looks really strange....
  4. So CSM don't work with multiviews? What exactly is your problem here?
  5. Just takes increasing amounts of processing power to run very wide screens... CSM puts about a 75% framerate cut, and I'm already at about 20fps if I go up to multi screen resolutions. (eg. 3800x720, that is 3x720p, is around 18fps without CSM, 4fps with it)

    I guess you could drop the resolution of the monitors in Windows, the graphic options work a little differently with multiple screens but if you set the screens to be the right size, then Racer.ini resolution.no_border=1, you get faux-fullscreen.
  6. Playing with CSM in surround mode in 2400 x 600 px (desktop + game res), I get above 30 fps...
    The same happens when I play Crysis Wars/SB2 where I have to lower everything....sry need definitely 2 new GPUs !
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Would 2 GPUs give you double the frame rate than 1? And out of curiousity, what GPU do you have?
  8. You have some cards with 2 GPU & some using just 1. GPU future will resemble the CPU ones.

    I somehow burnt my ATI 4870, so for now I'm using 2 cards, one 1 ATI 4670 1GB + 1 ATI 4670 512MB on both PCIE.
    For example, the beauty is, I 'm working more quickly on 3 DVI 19" screens & with SoftTH (kegetys.net) I run all games with that except with Racer or Burnout Paradise which is the same technology as Racer because he handles "natively" a multiscreen setup.

    The biggest advantage though, I can open any 3D on any screen & for example, the new Zmodeler got now multiview support, I think partially because of me....Dave (author/owner of Zmodeler) even answered some of my requests for future Shift Modding, looks like he's working on reverse-engineering the sgb files which are the binary track files for it.

    Anyways, if I were you & serious about creating your own quality Racer world, I'd buy a good GPU with a good PC hardware, mobo, power supply etc..& unleash your ideas within Racer.